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Alexander Sergejewitsch Puschkin

Geburtstag: 6. Juni 1799
Todesdatum: 10. Februar 1837
Andere Namen:Aleksandr Sergeevič Puškin,Alexandr Sergejevič Puškin,Alexander Puškin,Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin


Alexander Sergejewitsch Puschkin gilt als russischer Nationaldichter und Begründer der modernen russischen Literatur.

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„Natürlich verachte ich unser Vaterland vom Kopf bis zu den Zehen, aber es ist mir auf das Äußerste zuwider, wenn ein Ausländer dieses Gefühl mit mir teilt.“

— Alexander Sergejewitsch Puschkin
aus einem Brief an Wjasemski; vgl. Sammlung der Zitate von Puschkin, http://www. foxdesign. ru/aphorism/author/a_pushkin. html (letzter Zugriff 12. März 2007)

„Pimen [writing in front of a sacred lamp]:
One more, the final record, and my annals
Are ended, and fulfilled the duty laid
By God on me a sinner. Not in vain
Hath God appointed me for many years
A witness, teaching me the art of letters;
A day will come when some laborious monk
Will bring to light my zealous, nameless toil,
Kindle, as I, his lamp, and from the parchment
Shaking the dust of ages will transcribe
My true narrations.“

— Aleksandr Pushkin
(Variant translation): One more story, just one more, And then my history's completed, All my chronicles written down And my sinner's debt repaid to God. Not for nothing. The Lord appointed me to bear witness For many many years and it was he Taught me the art of creating books. One day, in the far future, some hard-working monk Will find my painstaking, anonymous writings. He'll light his lamp, as I light mine, He'lll shake the dust of centuries from these scrolls. Then he'll copy out, carefully, these true accounts, So the descendants of today's Christians May know the past of their native land Remember their mighty Tsars warmly For their glory and their knidness And our Lord's mercy on their sins and crimes. In my old age I live my life anew. Pushkin, Alexander (2012). Pushkin's Boris Gudunov. Oberon Books.


„God save us from seeing a Russian revolt, senseless and merciless. Those who plot impossible upheavals among us, are either young and do not know our people, or are hard-hearted men who do not care a straw either about their own lives or those of others.“

— Aleksandr Pushkin
Found in Pushkin's. The Captain's Daughter and Other Stories. English edition by Random House LLC. 2013. p. 139 As quoted by Joseph Frank in Dostoevsky: A Writer in His Time (2009). Princeton University Press, p. 203.

„The illusion which exalts us is dearer to us than ten thousand truths.“

— Aleksandr Pushkin
The Hero ll. 64-65, quoted in Gooseberries by Anton Chekhov

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