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Johannes Brahms

Geburtstag: 7. Mai 1833
Todesdatum: 3. April 1897

Johannes Brahms war ein deutscher Komponist, Pianist und Dirigent, dessen Kompositionen vorwiegend der Hochromantik zugeordnet werden. Durch die gleichzeitige Einbeziehung von klassischen Formen gehen sie aber über diese hinaus. Brahms gilt als einer der bedeutendsten Komponisten der zweiten Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts.

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„Oh, das schmeckt gut. Danke!“ Letzte Worte zu seiner Krankenschwester, die ihm ein Glas Wein gegeben hatte, 3. April 1897

„Du hast keinen Begriff davon, wie es unsereinem zu Mute ist, wenn er immer so einen Riesen (Beethoven) hinter sich marschieren hört.“ Max Kalbeck: Johannes Brahms. 1. Band, 4. Auflage, Berlin: Deutsche Brahms-Gesellschaft, 1921, S. 165 zeno. org

„If there is anyone here whom I have not insulted, I beg his pardon.“

„The idea comes to me from outside of me - and is like a gift. I then take the idea and make it my own - that is where the skill lies.“

„Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.“

„The only true immortality lies in one's children.

Johannes Brahms: Life and Letters

„Leave off driving your composers. It might prove to be as dangerous as it is generally unnecessary. After all, composing cannot be turned out like spinning or sewing. Some respected colleagues (Bach, Mozart, Schubert) have spoilt the world terribly. But if we can’t imitate them in the beauty of their writing, we should certainly beware of seeking to match the speed of their writing. It would also be unjust to put all the blame on idleness alone. Many factors combine to make writing harder for us (my contemporaries), and especially me. If, incidentally, they would use us poets for some other purpose, they would see that we are thoroughly and naturally industrious dispositions.... I have no time: otherwise I should love to chat on the difficulty of composing and how irresponsible publishers are.“ Johannes Brahms: Life and Letters

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