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David Bohm

Geburtstag: 20. Dezember 1917
Todesdatum: 27. Oktober 1992
Andere Namen:دیوید بوهم


David Joseph Bohm [ˈdeɪvɪd ˈdʒoʊzɪf ˈboʊm] war ein US-amerikanischer Quantenphysiker und Philosoph.

Bohm hat eine Reihe signifikanter Beiträge zur Physik geliefert, insbesondere im Bereich der Vielteilchentheorie und der Grundlagen der Quantenmechanik. Bohm ist Begründer der bohmschen Mechanik, einer alternativen Interpretation der Quantenmechanik.

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„Und wenn wir in der Lage sind, alle Ansichten gleichermaßen zu betrachten, werden wir vielleicht fähig, uns auf kreative Weise in eine neue Richtung zu bewegen.“

— David Bohm
Der Dialog. Das offene Gespräch am Ende der Diskussionen, Stuttgart 1998, übersetzt von Anke Grube, ISBN 3-608-91857-4, S. 66 f.


„Das Unbegrenzte muß das Begrenzte einschließen. Wir müssen sagen, daß das Begrenzte im Rahmen eines schöpferischen Prozesses aus dem Unbegrenzten hervorgeht; [... ].“

— David Bohm
David Bohm in einem Gespräch mit John Horgan im August 1992, aus: John Horgan: An den Grenzen des Wissens, Frankfurt am Main 2000, übersetzt von Thorsten Schmidt, ISBN 3-596-14364-0, S. 148


„But what is [the] quality of originality? It is very hard to define or specify. Indeed, to define originality would in itself be a contradiction, since whatever action can be defined in this way must evidently henceforth be unoriginal. Perhaps, then, it will be best to hint at it obliquely and by indirection, rather than to try to assert positively what it is.

One prerequisite for originality is clearly that a person shall not be inclined to impose his preconceptions on the fact as he sees it. Rather, he must be able to learn something new, even if this means that the ideas and notions that are comfortable or dear to him may be overturned.

But the ability to learn in this way is a principle common to the whole of humanity. Thus it is well known that a child learns to walk, to talk, and to know his way around the world just by trying something out and seeing what happens, then modifying what he does (or thinks) in accordance with what has actually happened. In this way, he spends his first few years in a wonderfully creative way, discovering all sorts of things that are new to him, and this leads people to look back on childhood as a kind of lost paradise. As the child grows older, however, learning takes on a narrower meaning. In school, he learns by repetition to accumulate knowledge, so as to please the teacher and pass examinations. At work, he learns in a similar way, so as to make a living, or for some other utilitarian purpose, and not mainly for the love of the action of learning itself. So his ability to see something new and original gradually dies away. And without it there is evidently no ground from which anything can grow.“

— David Bohm, On Creativity

„All effort to bring order into disorder is disorder.“

— David Bohm, The Limits of Thought: Discussions between J. Krishnamurti and David Bohm

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