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Penelope Fitzgerald

Wir wissen nicht, die Identität dieses Autors zu überprüfen, kann es nicht eine berühmte Person können.

Penelope Fitzgerald - uns fehlt eine genauere Beschreibung des Autors.

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„Die werden es nicht verstehen, aber das ist nur gut so. Verstehen macht denkfaul“ The Bookshop

„Ein gutes Buch ist der kostbare Lebenssaft eines meisterlichen Geistes, einbalsamiert und aufbewahrt zum Zweck eines Lebens über das Leben hinaus (...)“ The Bookshop

„To every separate person a thing is what he thinks it is – in other words, not a thing, but a think.“ The Gate of Angels

„On the whole, I think you should write biographies of those you admire and respect, and novels about human beings who you think are sadly mistaken.“

„A good book is the precious life-blood of a master-spirit, embalmed and treasured up on purpose to a life beyond life, and as such it must surely be a necessary commodity.“ The Bookshop

„Behind their dark glass, the mad own nothing.“ Charlotte Mew And Her Friends

„Duty is what no-one else will do at the moment.“ Offshore

„Morality is seldom a safe guide for human conduct.“ The Bookshop

„Helping other people is a drug so dangerous that there is no cure short of total abstention.“ Human Voices

„She had a kind heart, though that is not of much use when it comes to the matter of self-preservation.“ The Bookshop

„Surely you have to succeed, if you give everything you have.'
'I don't see why. Everyone has to give everything they have eventually. They have to die. Dying can't be called a success.“
The Bookshop

„More than that, I believe that the grass is green because green is restful to the human eye, that the sky is blue to give us an idea of the infinite. And that blood is red so that murder will be more easily detected and criminals will be brought to justice. Yes, and I believe that I shall live forever, but I shall live without reason.“ The Gate of Angels

„... human beings interested her so much that it must always be an advantage to meet another one.“ At Freddie's

„There isn’t one kind of happiness, there’s all kinds. Decision is torment for anyone with imagination. When you decide, you multiply the things you might have done and now never can.“ Offshore

„But we weren't meant to live alone,' said Frank.
'Life makes its own corrections.“
The Beginning of Spring

„But time given to wishing for what can't be is not only spent, but wasted, and for all that we waste we shall be accountable.“