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Daniel Barenboim

Geburtstag: 15. November 1942

Daniel Barenboim, KBE ist ein argentinisch-israelisch-spanisch-palästinensischer Pianist und Dirigent. Er erhielt zahlreiche Ehrungen und Auszeichnungen, einschließlich des deutschen Großen Bundesverdienstkreuzes.

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„Sehen Sie, das Unmögliche ist viel einfacher als das Schwierige.“ Daniel Barenboim bei der Ankunft seines Orchesters in Ramalla am 21. August 2005. Dokumentation von Paul Smaczny: „Den Frieden proben“, ZDF, 3. August 2007, 23.45

„Every great work of art has two faces: one toward its own time and one toward the future, toward eternity.“ Parallels and Paradoxes: Explorations in Music and Society

„DB: Well, in a way, this is also the difference of the politician and the statesman, isn’t it? A statesman is somebody with a vision. EWS: Somebody like Nehru or Mandela who has the vision and, at the same time, the capacity to carry it out, whatever that might involve … DB:“ Parallels & Paradoxes: Explorations in Music and Society

„And those who were against the regime felt that music was like a kind of oxygen, because this was the one place where they could really be free. And those musicians who were in favor of the regime were only too proud that such a wonderful institution existed under such a regime.“ Parallels & Paradoxes: Explorations in Music and Society

„DB: You mean the Second Viennese School as refugees’ music? EWS: Yes. Exiles’ music—not only from the social world but also from the tonal world, if the tonal world by the time they inherit it is the accepted world, the world of habit and custom and a certain kind of solidity.“ Parallels & Paradoxes: Explorations in Music and Society

„I don’t think that we have any right to have a sort of generalized criticism, if not hatred, of the people who hated us, because then we only descend to the level of those people who persecuted us for so many years. New“ Parallels & Paradoxes: Explorations in Music and Society

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