„The thing about Wagner is we’re always wrong about him, because he always embraces opposites … There are things in his operas which viewed one way are naturalistic, and viewed another way are symbolic, but the problem is you can’t represent both views on stage at once.“

Q&A: Daniel Barenboim http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/classicalmusic/10044601/Proms-2013-Daniel-Barenboim-interview.html, 2 November 2012.

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Daniel Barenboim Foto
Daniel Barenboim2
israelischer Pianist und Dirigent russischer Abstammung 1942

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Dejan Stojanovic Foto

„His Highness was always confident in his statements, especially about what he viewed for the first time.“

—  Dejan Stojanovic poet, writer, and businessman 1959

“His Highness,” p. 90
The Sun Watches the Sun (1999), Sequence: “A Game”

Michael Crichton Foto

„Looking back on things, the view always improves.“

—  Walt Kelly American cartoonist 1913 - 1973

Impollutable Pogo (1970)

Ludwig Wittgenstein Foto
Isaac Asimov Foto

„Scientific theories can always be improved and are improved. That is one of the glories of science. It is the authoritarian view of the Universe that is frozen in stone and cannot be changed, so that once it is wrong, it is wrong forever.“

—  Isaac Asimov American writer and professor of biochemistry at Boston University, known for his works of science fiction and popular … 1920 - 1992

"The Nearest Star" (1989) (reprinted in The Secret of the Universe (1992), p. 82)
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Didier Sornette Foto

„The problem is not that this optimistic view is wrong. By economic accounting, the optimistic view is mostly right.“

—  Didier Sornette French scientist 1957

Quelle: Why Stock Markets Crash - Critical Events in Complex Systems (2003), Chapter 10, 2050: The End Of The Growth Era?, p. 390.

Trevor Noah Foto
Jo Walton Foto
Joseph Joubert Foto
Waylon Jennings Foto
Jeb Bush Foto
V. V. Giri Foto

„He was known for his honesty, straightforwardness and spirit of service. He was outspoken and greatly respected for his views, which were both independent and impartial. If a judge took a partisan or prejudiced view, he did not.“

—  V. V. Giri Indian politician and 4th president of India 1894 - 1980

Quelle: Shiri Ram Bakshi in: V.V. Giri: The Labour Leader http://books.google.co.in/books?id=QAduAAAAMAAJ, Anmol Publications, 1991, p. 2

Livy Foto
Miguel de Unamuno Foto
Baruch Spinoza Foto

„Goethe found such a point of view early in Spinoza, and he gladly recognizes how much the views of this great thinker have been in keeping with the needs of his youth. He found himself in him, and so he could fix himself to him in the most beautiful way.“

—  Baruch Spinoza Dutch philosopher 1632 - 1677

Original in German: Einen solchen Standpunkt fand Goethe früh in Spinoza, und er erkennet mit Freuden, wie sehr die Ansichten dieses großen Denkers den Bedürfnissen seiner Jugend gemäß gewesen. Er fand in ihm sich selber, und so konnte er sich auch an ihm auf das schönste befestigen.
Johann Peter Eckermann, Gespräche mit Goethe in den letzten Jahren seines Lebens, 1831
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Louis Brandeis Foto

„There is nothing cold or detached or aloof about the private Brandeis, but it is perfectly in keeping with his views of privacy that while he was alive he kept... his life and personality hidden from public view.“

—  Louis Brandeis American Supreme Court Justice 1856 - 1941

Introduction to The Family Letters of Louis D. Brandeis at xxi (Melvin I. Urovsky & David W. Levy, eds., University of Oklahoma Press 2002).

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