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Auguste Comte

Geburtstag: 17. Januar 1798
Todesdatum: 5. September 1857


Isidore Marie Auguste François Xavier Comte war ein französischer Mathematiker, Philosoph und Religionskritiker. Vor allem ist er jedoch als Begründer des Positivismus als auch Mitbegründer der Soziologie bekannt, deren Benennung auf Comte zurückgeht.

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„Welch ein unvergleichlicher Verlust.“

— Auguste Comte
Letzte Worte, 5. September 1857

„Social positivism only accepts duties, for all and towards all. Its constant social viewpoint cannot include any notion of rights, for such notion always rests on individuality.“

— Auguste Comte
Context: Social positivism only accepts duties, for all and towards all. Its constant social viewpoint cannot include any notion of rights, for such notion always rests on individuality. We are born under a load of obligations of every kind, to our predecessors, to our successors, to our contemporaries. These obligations then increase or accumulate, for it is some time before we can return any service. … Any human right is therefore as absurd as immoral. Since there are no divine rights anymore, this concept must therefore disappear completely as related only to the preliminary regime and totally inconsistent with the final state where there are only duties based on functions. Le Catéchisme positiviste (1852)


„Notwithstanding the eminent difficulties of the mathematical theory of sonorous vibrations, we owe to it such progress as has yet been made in acoustics. The formation of the differential equations proper to the phenomena is, independent of their integration, a very important acquisition, on account of the approximations which mathematical analysis allows between questions, otherwise heterogeneous, which lead to similar equations. This fundamental property, whose value we have so often to recognize, applies remarkably in the present case; and especially since the creation of mathematical thermology, whose principal equations are strongly analogous to those of vibratory motion. This means of investigation is all the more valuable on account of the difficulties in the way of direct inquiry into the phenomena of sound. We may decide the necessity of the atmospheric medium for the transmission of sonorous vibrations; and we may conceive of the possibility of determining by experiment the duration of the propagation, in the air, and then through other media; but the general laws of the vibrations of sonorous bodies escape immediate observation. We should know almost nothing of the whole case if the mathematical theory did not come in to connect the different phenomena of sound, enabling us to substitute for direct observation an equivalent examination of more favorable cases subjected to the same law. For instance, when the analysis of the problem of vibrating chords has shown us that, other things being equal, the number of oscillations is hi inverse proportion to the length of the chord, we see that the most rapid vibrations of a very short chord may be counted, since the law enables us to direct our attention to very slow vibrations. The same substitution is at our command in many cases in which it is less direct.“

— Auguste Comte
Bk. 3, chap. 4; as cited in: Moritz (1914, 240)

„To understand a science it is necessary to know its history.“

— Auguste Comte
A Course of Positive Philosophy (1832 - 1842) [Six volumes]


„The dead govern the living.“

— Auguste Comte
Le Catéchisme positiviste (1852)

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