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François Quesnay

Geburtstag: 4. Juni 1694
Todesdatum: 16. Dezember 1774


François Quesnay [fʀɑ̃ˈswa kɛˈnɛ] war ein französischer Chirurg und Ökonom. Er gilt als Begründer der physiokratischen Schule der Ökonomie und Enzyklopädist.

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„Calculations are to the economic science what bones are to the human body. Without them it will always be a vague and confused science, at the mercy of error and prejudice.“

— François Quesnay
François Quesnay in letter to Mirabeau (Archives Nationales, Ms. 779, 4 bis, p.2 note); as cited in: Richard Van Den Berg and Albert Steenge. "Tableaux and Systèmes. Early French Contributions to Linear Production Models." Cahiers d'économie Politique/Papers in Political Economy 2 (2016): 11-30.

„Without that sense of security which property gives, the land would still be uncultivated.“

— François Quesnay
Quesnay, (1888, p. 331), cited in: Velo Dario (2014). The EuroAtlantic Union Review: Vol. 1 - No. 0/2014. p. 96.


„You recognize but one rule of commerce; that is (to avail myself of your own terms) to allow free passage and freedom of action to all buyers and sellers whoever they may be.“

— François Quesnay
François Quesnay in letter from M. Alpha to de Quesnay, 1767; cited in: Antony Jay (2010). Lend Me Your Ears: Oxford Dictionary of Political Quotations. p. 253.

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