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Ferdinand Hodler

Geburtstag: 14. März 1853
Todesdatum: 19. Mai 1918


Ferdinand Hodler war ein Schweizer Maler des Symbolismus und des Jugendstils. Eine besondere Rolle spielen seine Selbstbildnisse als Selbstbiographie in einzelnen Schaffensperioden. Er ist heute der bekannteste Schweizer Maler des 19. Jahrhunderts.

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„from his postcard, October 1903 to; as quoted by Hans-Peter Wipplinger, director of the Leopold Museum in Vienna, which owns this postcard“

— Ferdinand Hodler
Carl Moll was co-founder of the Vienna Secession which invited Hodler to participate in their exhibitions. Hans-Peter Wipplinger stated that it was then that Hodler received the recognition he had previously been denied in his own country, Switzerland

„The artist's mission is to give shape to what is eternal in nature, to reveal its inherent beauty; he sublimates the shapes of the human body. He shows an enlarged and simplified nature, liberated from all the details, which do not tell us anything. He shows us a work according to the size of his own experience, of his heart and his spirit.“

— Ferdinand Hodler
Quote from a speech of Ferdinand Hodler: 'The artist's mission' (held in Freibourg in 1897), first published in 1923 in Zurich; as cited by Paul Westheim in Confessions of Artists - Letters, Memoirs and Observations of Contemporary Artists, Propyläen Publishing House, Berlin, 1925


„This beautiful head [of Valentine Godé-Darel], this whole body, like a Byzantine empress on the mosaics of Ravenna - and this nose, this mouth - and the eyes, they too, those wonderful eyes - all these the worms will eat. And nothing will remain, absolutely nothing!“

— Ferdinand Hodler
Quote from Hodler's letter to , c. late 1914; as cited by Anya Silver in: [https://thegeorgiareview.com/spring-2013/valentine-gode-darel-1873-1915-five-paintings-by-ferdinand-hodler/ 'Valentine Godé-Darel (1873–1915): Five Paintings by Ferdinand Hodler'], April 2013 In 1908, Hodler met Valentine Godé-Darel who became his mistress. She was diagnosed with cancer in 1913 and died in January 1915; Hodler painted five oils the day after her death

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