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David Lubar

Geburtstag: 16. März 1954

David Lubar ist ein US-amerikanischer Schriftsteller, Videospielentwickler und Spieldesigner, der u. a. viele Jugendbücher geschrieben hat. Er entwickelte das Spiel Frogger und Super-Breakout für den Game Boy und programmierte Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge für den Game Boy Color.

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„See Scott run,
Run Scott run.
See Scott die,
No such luck.“
Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

„She never said, "No, don't buy that trash," or "Pick a real book." She knew they were all real books. This is how great a librarian she was. And how great a mom.“

„A kid might help another kid who fell into a river, and a kid might help another kid search for a lost baseball, but there isn't a kid I've met who will help another kid out of a humiliating situation. We just aren't built that way.“ Hidden Talents

„Let's face it - with a few exceptions, nobody likes anybody.“ Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

„Athlete or not, I’m going to make sure you know how to read.“ Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

„Reciprocity is not mandatory.“ Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

„You know what guys do? They stand up for people. You know why? Two reasons. It's right. And it feels good. Even if the person doesn't know what you did. Maybe especially then.“ Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

„But at least this got Mouth thinking about how his loneliness wasn't unique. We all suffered. And I guess we all had good times too. Man - if every person who ever felt lonely killed himself, the world would be littered with corpses. And far lonelier.“ Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

„Have a heartattack!“ Hidden Talents

„You know what guys do? They stand up for people.“ Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

„As we reached the wooded hill that led to the pipe, Cheater said, "Uh-oh."
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"Is anyone here thinking about kicking the crap out of me?" he asked.
"Not me," I said.
"Me either," Lucky said.
"Maybe tomorrow," Flinch told him. "But not at the moment." hidden talents“
Hidden Talents

„Wait. I will say something. This is too important. And if you don’t listen to anything else I tell you, I hope you’ll listen now. No matter what you might hear about all these tragic figures, and the whole romantic image of the suffering artist, suicide is not cool. It’s not heroic. It’s not romantic. It’s like running away. Abandoning your family. And leaving someone else to clean up your mess. Only, it’s even worse, because once you go there, you can’t come back. And that would really suck.“ Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

„I totally don't know what to do." He got up and started pacing. "Am I supposed to get you a present? Or maybe a card. I'm completely lost.“

„Did Mom notice you right away?"
He shook his head. "Nope."
"So what did you do?"
"Showed up."
"So you showed up wherever she was?"
"Or wherever she might be."
"That must've taken a lot of time," I said.
Dad shrugged. "Worth it.“
Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

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