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Simon R. Green

Geburtstag: 25. August 1955

Simon R. Green ist ein englischer Science-Fiction- und Fantasyautor.

Simon R. Green studierte an der University of Leicester und hat einen Abschluss in englischer und amerikanischer Literatur und Geschichte.

Einige Jahre lang bekam er nur Absagen von verschiedenen Verlagen. Dann konnte er 1988 sieben Romane verkaufen, genau zwei Tage, nachdem er in der Buchhandlung Bilbo's in Bath angefangen hatte. Kurz danach erhielt er den Auftrag, nach dem Drehbuch zum Kevin-Costner-Film Robin Hood – König der Diebe einen Roman zu schreiben, der ein kommerzieller Erfolg wurde. Nebenher arbeitet Green auch für das Fernsehen, schreibt Theaterstücke und tritt als Schauspieler in Shakespeare-Stücken auf.

In Deutschland erschienen – nach Robin Hood, König der Diebe – zunächst ab 1997 seine Romane der Todtsteltzer-Serie, während andere Bücher teilweise gar nicht oder erst sehr viel später übersetzt wurden. Sein Werk deckt eine große Bandbreite von Science Fiction über Dark Fantasy bis zum humorvollen Epos à la Terry Pratchett ab.

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„CHAPTER SIX Dangerous Lab Interns“ The Man With the Golden Torc

„There are any number of magical creatures, mostly female, whose singing can bring about horror and death. Sirens, undines, banshees, Bananarama tribute bands...“ Nightingale's Lament

„Though I often run out of courage and good sense, stubbornness keeps me going.“

„Keep your mind too open, and you never know what might walk in.“ Drinking Midnight Wine

„After all, you’re only an immortal until someone manages to kill you. After that, you were just long-lived.“ The Bride Wore Black Leather

„It's hard to maintain a reputation for being grim and mysterious when you're accompanied by a brightly clad young thing, skipping merrily along at your side, holding your hand, and smiling sweetly on one and all.“ The Unnatural Inquirer

„Too many people live the lives other people think they ought to, following orders they don't agree with, for causes they don't believe in. They live lives that don't matter, that touch no one and change nothing. For better or worse, you and I stared evil in the eye and didn't flinch. We raised our swords and went to war, and even if we didn't win we kicked some ass along the way. We made a difference, and that's all any man can ask.“ Deathstalker

„The cream-tiled walls were spattered here and there with old dried bloodstains, deep gouges that might have been clawmarks, and all kinds of graffiti. As usual, someone had spelt Cthulhu wrongly.“ Something from the Nightside

„If you don't trust anyone, they can't let you down.“ Ghostworld

„Wait. You've got principles? We'll have to update your file.“ A Hard Day's Knight

„I went to a house that was not a house. I opened a door that was not a door. And what I saw, I saw.“ Something from the Nightside

„Nothing is hidden, nothing is ever lost, nothing is ever forgotten. That's always been part of my problem.“ Drinking Midnight Wine

„We are in the dark places of the earth," said Madman. "Where all the ancient and most dangerous secrets are kept. There are Old Things down here, sleeping all around us, in the earth and in the living rock, and in the spaces between spaces. Keep your voices down. Some of these old creatures sleep but lightly, and even their dreams can have force and substance in our limited world. We have come among forgotten gods and sleeping devils, from the days before the world settled down and declared itself sane.“ Hex and the City

„When God wanted a city levelled, or all the first-born slaughtered in one night, he sent an angel.“ Drinking Midnight Wine

„Sometimes humour is all we have to say the things that can't be said.“

„I ignored him, concentrating on Lilith. "According to the stories, after you were expelled from Eden you went down into Hell, where you coupled with demons and gave birth to all the monsters that have plagued the world."

"I was young," said Lilith. "You know how it is. We all do things we later regret, when we're being rebellious teenagers.“
Hex and the City

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