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Adam Haslett

Geburtstag: 24. Dezember 1970

Adam Haslett ist ein US-amerikanischer Schriftsteller und Jurist.

Haslett wuchs in Massachusetts und im englischen Oxfordshire auf. Er studierte Literatur und Jura in Yale, am Swarthmore College und der University of Iowa. Sein Werk umfasst unter anderem die Mitarbeit an dem Erzählband Das Gespenst der Liebe und den Roman Union Atlantic.

Das Gespenst der Liebe gewann im Jahr 2006 den PEN/Malamud-Award. Der Roman Union Atlantic befasst sich mit der aktuellen Finanzkrise, verlegt diese aber ins Jahr 2002 vor. Im zweiten Halbjahr 2011 hatte er ein Arbeitsstipendium der American Academy in Berlin. Sein Roman Imagine Me Gone erhielt 2016 den Los Angeles Times Book Prize.

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„Du und alle Erben des Wohlstands, die glauben, das Leben sei eine Frage perfektionierter Gefühle. Ihr irrt euch.“ You Are Not a Stranger Here

„He experienced a familiar comfort being in the presence of another person's unknowable pain. More than any landscape, this place felt like home.“ You Are Not a Stranger Here

„I had never understood before the invisibility of a human. How what we take to be a person is in fact a spirit we can never see.“ Imagine Me Gone

„There is no getting better. There is love I cannot bear, which has kept me from drifting entirely loose. There are the medicines I can take that flood my mind without discrimination, slowing the monster, moving the struggle underwater, where I then must live in the murk. But there is no killing the beast. Since I was a young man, it has haunted me. And it will hunt me until I am dead. The older I become, the closer it gets.“ Imagine Me Gone

„It struck me then, for the first time, how unethical anxiety is, how it voids the reality of other people by conscripting them as palliatives for your own fear.“ Imagine Me Gone

„That’s what Proust calls it. That’s the only real life, the only thing that makes you know you’re alive - the backward ache. That’s what music is.“ Imagine Me Gone

„What do you fear when you fear everything? Time passing and not passing. Death and life. I could say my lungs never filled with enough air, no matter how many puffs of my inhaler I took. Or that my thoughts moved too quickly to complete, severed by a perpetual vigilance. But even to say this would abet the lie that terror can be described, when anyone who's ever known it knows that it has no components but its instead everywhere inside you all the time, until you recognize yourself only by the tensions that string one minute to the next. And yet I keep lying, by describing, because how else can I avoid this second, and the one after it? This being the condition itself: the relentless need to escape a moment that never ends.“ Imagine Me Gone

„Against the monster, I’ve always wanted meaning. Not for its own sake, because in the usual course of things, who needs the self-consciousness of it? Let meaning be immanent, noted in passing, if at all. But that won’t do when the monster has its funnel driven into the back of your head and is sucking the light coming through your eyes straight out of you into the mouth of oblivion. So like a cripple I long for what others don’t notice they have: ordinary meaning.    Instead, I have words. The monster doesn’t take words. It may take speech, but not words in the head, which are its minions. The army of the tiny, invisible dead wielding their tiny, spinning scythes, cutting at the flesh of the mind. Unlike ordinary blades, they sharpen with use. They’re keenest in repetition. Self-accusation being nothing if not repetitive. There is nothing deep about this. It is merely endless.“ Imagine Me Gone

„There’s something illiberal about the way infants are thrust into the hands of people who have no idea what they’re doing, who can only experiment.“ Imagine Me Gone

„The monster you lie with is your own. The struggle is endlessly private. I thought it was over. That one night the beast at my back would squeeze more tightly and I would cease breathing. What remained of me hoped for it.“ Imagine Me Gone

„What I have always found most comforting about these forms is the trace of hope I get as I'm filling them out. How they break your life down into such tidy realms, making each seem tractable, because discrete, in a way they never are beyond the white noise of the waiting room. You get that fleeting sense that you're on the verge of being understood, truly and fully, and for the first time, if you could just get it all down in black and white before the receptionist calls your name.“ Imagine Me Gone

„That’s the only real life, the only thing that makes you know you’re alive - the backward ache. That’s what music is. The trouble - for me - is that at some stage I realized those miracles, those aches, they have a history. They're not private. The music's always about what someone's lost. That's what you hear, when it's good: the worlds people lost, the ones they want back. And once you hear it that way, you can't avoid it - that it's somehow about justice.“ Imagine Me Gone

„The members of Joy Division likely weren’t meditating on Frank Lloyd Wright when they took the stage in Manchester but those flat-fronted black cotton trousers and narrow cut shirts didn’t come from nowhere. Peter Saville, who designed all of Factory’s records, understood in perfectly well: the iconic weight of black and white balanced against the release of splendour, in this case the dark magnificence of the music itself. Which might describe the tension of Protestant affect more generally: all guardedness and restraint until the eruption of an unextirpated beauty wakes us for a moment from the dream of efficiency.“ Imagine Me Gone

„Anywhere people lived memory collected like sediment on the bed of a river, dropping from the flow of time to become fixed in the places time ran over“ Union Atlantic

„What he had said to me a moment ago was true. I hadn't been listening to him, not for years. I'd wanted him to be better for so long that I had stopped hearing him tell me he was sick. For the first time I saw him now as a man, not a member of a family. A separate person, who had been trying as hard as he could for most of his life simply to get by.“ Imagine Me Gone

„We live among the dead until we join them“ Imagine Me Gone

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