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Subcomandante Marcos

Geburtstag: 19. Juni 1957


Subcomandante Marcos wurde als politische Kunstfigur erschaffen und "erblickte" mit dem zapatistischen Aufstand in San Cristobal de las Casas das Licht der Welt. Er bezeichnete sich selbst als Sprecher der EZLN .

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„Wir müssen die Welt nicht erobern. Es reicht sie neu zu schaffen. Heute. Durch uns!“

— Subcomandante Marcos
Botschaften aus dem Lakandonischen Urwald, Hamburg, 1996. Übersetzer: Horst Rosenberger ISBN 3-89401-259-5.

„Und wenn die Augen glänzen, was kann es da noch ausmachen wenn die Nacht uns erstickt?“

— Subcomandante Marcos
Botschaften aus dem Lakandonischen Urwald, Hamburg, 1996. Übersetzer: Horst Rosenberger. ISBN 3-89401-259-5


„Why do we need to be pardoned? What are we to be pardoned for? For not dying of hunger? For not accepting humbly the historic burden of disdain and abandonment? For having risen up in arms after we found all other paths closed? For not heeding the Chiapas penal code, one of the most absurd and repressive in history? For showing the rest of the country and the whole world that human dignity still exists even among the world’s poorest peoples? For having made careful preparations before we began our uprising? For bringing guns to battle instead of bows and arrows? For being Mexicans? For being mainly indigenous? For calling on the Mexican people to fight by whatever means possible for what belongs to them? For fighting for liberty, democracy and justice? For not following the example of previous guerrilla armies? For refusing to surrender? For refusing to sell ourselves out? Who should we ask for pardon, and who can grant it? Those who for many years glutted themselves at a table of plenty while we sat with death so often, we finally stopped fearing it? Those who filled our pockets and our souls with empty promises and words? Or should we ask pardon from the dead, our dead, who died “natural” deaths of “natural causes” like measles, whooping cough, break-bone fever, cholera, typhus, mononucleosis, tetanus, pneumonia, malaria and other lovely gastrointestinal and pulmonary diseases? Our dead, so very dead, so democratically dead from sorrow because no one did anything, because the dead, our dead, went just like that, with no one keeping count with no one saying, “Enough!” which would at least have granted some meaning to their deaths, a meaning no one ever sought for them, the dead of all times, who are now dying once again, but now in order to live? Should we ask pardon from those who deny us the right and capacity to govern ourselves? From those who don’t respect our customs and our culture and who ask us for identification papers and obedience to a law whose existence and moral basis we don’t accept? From those who oppress us, torture us, assassinate us, disappear us from the grave “crime” of wanting a piece of land, not too big and not too small, but just a simple piece of land on which we can grow something to fill our stomachs? Who should ask for pardon, and who can grant it?“

— Subcomandante Marcos

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