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Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Geburtstag: 17. August 1887
Todesdatum: 10. Juni 1940


Marcus Mosiah Garvey war ein jamaikanischer Politiker und Publizist, der als radikaler Panafrikanist und Gründer der Universal Negro Improvement Association bekannt wurde.

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„If you have no confidence in self you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence you have won even before you have started.“

— Marcus Garvey
Philosophy and opinions of Marcus Garvey: or, Africa for the Africans‎ (Routledge, 1967), P. 10. .

„A Race without the knowledge of its history is like a tree without roots.“

— Marcus Garvey
Though often attributed to Garvey, this statement first appears in Charles Siefert's 1938 pamphlet, The Negro's or Ethiopian's Contribution to Art.


„great principles, great ideals know no nationality.“

— Marcus Garvey, Selected Writings and Speeches of Marcus Garvey


„Our union must know no clime, boundary, or nationality… let us hold together under all climes and in every country…“

— Marcus Garvey
The philosophy and opinions of Marcus Garvey or Africa for the Africans (Majority Press, 1986 ed.), p. 163. .

„Hungry men have no respect for law, authority or human life.“

— Marcus Garvey
Reported in Ashton Applewhite, Tripp Evans, and Andrew Frothingham, And I Quote: The Definitive Collection of Quotes, Sayings, and Jokes for the Contemporary Speechmaker (St. Martin's Press, 2003), p. 84. .

„We were the first Fascists, when we had 100,000 disciplined men, and were training children, Mussolini was still an unknown. Mussolini copied our Fascism.“

— Marcus Garvey
1937 interview reported by Joel A. Rogers, "Marcus Garvey," in Negroes of New York series, New York Writers Program, 1939, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York.

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