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Geburtstag:18. September 1971
Andere Namen:لانس آرمسترانق

Lance Edward Armstrong ist ein US-amerikanischer ehemaliger Profi-Radrennfahrer und Triathlet.

Er gewann im Alter von 21 Jahren die Profi-Straßenweltmeisterschaft 1993 in Oslo und ist damit der bisher jüngste Profi-Straßenweltmeister. Er erkrankte 1996 an Hodenkrebs, kehrte nach seiner Heilung 1998 in den Profiradsport zurück und dominierte anschließend zwischen 1999 und 2005 die Tour de France, bei der er sieben Mal in Folge als Sieger geehrt wurde. Diese Siege wurden ihm jedoch später wegen Dopings wieder aberkannt. Nach seinem siebten Tour de France-Sieg erklärte er seinen Rücktritt vom Radsport, nahm seine Karriere jedoch im Jahr 2009 wieder auf, ohne an seine alten Erfolge anknüpfen zu können. Seine Radsportlaufbahn endete im Jahr 2011 endgültig. Er beteiligte sich anschließend bis in das Jahr 2012 erfolgreich an Triathlon-Wettbewerben. Zeitweise war der prominente Sportler und Volksheld in den USA auch für eine politische Karriere im Gespräch. Seine Biographie und seine sportlichen Erfolge verwertete er auch erfolgreich in einer Stiftung und politischen Initiativen, so für ein zentrales Krebsforschungszentrum in seinem Heimatstaat Texas.

Seine Karriere war stets von Dopinggerüchten begleitet, die zunahmen, nachdem mehrere seiner ehemaligen Teamkollegen Doping zugaben und mit den Behörden kooperierten. Ermittlungen der US-Staatsanwaltschaft gegen Armstrong wurden zwar Anfang 2012 eingestellt, mündeten aber in einem sportrechtlichen Verfahren der US-Antidopingagentur, die Armstrong letztlich mit Wirkung ab dem 1. August 1998 lebenslang sperrte. Diese Sperre wurde durch den Weltradsportverband UCI in seiner Entscheidung vom 22. Oktober 2012 übernommen, so dass Armstrong alle nach dem 1. August 1998 gewonnenen Titel, darunter die Gesamtsiege bei der Tour de France verlor. Armstrong, der bis dahin Doping stets abgestritten hatte, gestand am 13. Januar 2013 in der US-amerikanischen Talkshow Oprah’s Next Chapter den Dopingmissbrauch als Radsportler.

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„The night before brain surgery, I thought about death. I searched out my larger values, and I asked myself, if I was going to die, did I want to do it fighting and clawing or in peaceful surrender? What sort of character did I hope to show? Was I content with myself and what I had done with my life so far? I decided that I was essentially a good person, although I could have been better--but at the same time I understood that the cancer didn't care.

I asked myself what I believed. I had never prayed a lot. I hoped hard, I wished hard, but I didn't pray. I had developed a certain distrust of organized religion growing up, but I felt I had the capacity to be a spiritual person, and to hold some fervent beliefs. Quite simply, I believed I had a responsibility to be a good person, and that meant fair, honest, hardworking, and honorable. If I did that, if I was good to my family, true to my friends, if I gave back to my community or to some cause, if I wasn't a liar, a cheat, or a thief, then I believed that should be enough. At the end of the day, if there was indeed some Body or presence standing there to judge me, I hoped I would be judged on whether I had lived a true life, not on whether I believed in a certain book, or whether I'd been baptized. If there was indeed a God at the end of my days, I hoped he didn't say, 'But you were never a Christian, so you're going the other way from heaven.' If so, I was going to reply, 'You know what? You're right. Fine.'

I believed, too, in the doctors and the medicine and the surgeries--I believed in that. I believed in them. A person like Dr. Einhorn [his oncologist], that's someone to believe in, I thought, a person with the mind to develop an experimental treatment 20 years ago that now could save my life. I believed in the hard currency of his intelligence and his research.

Beyond that, I had no idea where to draw the line between spiritual belief and science. But I knew this much: I believed in belief, for its own shining sake. To believe in the face of utter hopelessness, every article of evidence to the contrary, to ignore apparent catastrophe--what other choice was there? We do it every day, I realized. We are so much stronger than we imagine, and belief is one of the most valiant and long-lived human characteristics. To believe, when all along we humans know that nothing can cure the briefness of this life, that there is no remedy for our basic mortality, that is a form of bravery.

To continue believing in yourself, believing in the doctors, believing in the treatment, believing in whatever I chose to believe in, that was the most important thing, I decided. It had to be.

Without belief, we would be left with nothing but an overwhelming doom, every single day. And it will beat you. I didn't fully see, until the cancer, how we fight every day against the creeping negatives of the world, how we struggle daily against the slow lapping of cynicism. Dispiritedness and disappointment, these were the real perils of life, not some sudden illness or cataclysmic millennium doomsday. I knew now why people fear cancer: because it is a slow and inevitable death, it is the very definition of cynicism and loss of spirit.

So, I believed.“

— Lance Armstrong
It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life

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