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Irmgard Keun

Geburtstag: 6. Februar 1905
Todesdatum: 5. Mai 1982

Irmgard Keun war eine deutsche Schriftstellerin.

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„Vater unser, mach mir noch mit einem Wunder eine feine Bildung
- das Übrige kann ich ja selbst machen mit Schminke.“
Das Kunstseidene Mädchen

„Nachtigallen hin oder her, ich möchte keine Geschichte von Nachtigallen schreiben, obwohl die Tagespresse es schätzt, wenn Autoren über Dinge schreiben, von denen sie nichts verstehen. [... ] Ich nehme auch an, dass Nachtigallenthemen kontrollrätlich erlaubt sind und von der Mehrzahl unserer augenblicklichen deutschen Diktaturen nicht beanstandet würden. Aus Gründen der Sittlichkeit wird heute vieles beanstandet. Diktaturen sind immer sehr streng in Bezug auf das, was sie unter sittlich und Volksmoral verstehen. Die ehemalige deutsche Diktatur hat sich, nach Art niederer Lebewesen, durch Spaltung fortgepflanzt und heißt jetzt Demokratie.“ Ferdinand, der Mann mit dem freundlichen Herzen. Düsseldorf: [Erstausgabe Droste 1950] Claassen, 1981. S. 15. ISBN 3-546-45372-7

„They have courses teaching you foreign languages and ballroom dancing and etiquette and cooking. But there are no classes to learn how to be by yourself in a furnished room with chipped dishes, or how to be alone in general without any words of concern or familiar sounds.“ The Artificial Silk Girl

„And now I feel like crying, because I really do not understand, and I don't think I will when I'm older either. It was only when I loved Franz I understood the world, and felt happy. When you love, you're praying. Everything was quite clear. I wanted to be good. I think you begin things the right way when you want to be good. And I think I'm doing everything wrong now because all I want is for people to be good to me. I want to be loved, everybody wants to be loved; for a thousand people who want to be loved there may perhaps be just one who wants to love. Our Father which art in heaven... my heart is all a lump of grief.“

„If a young woman from money marries an old man because of money and nothing else and makes love to him for hours and has this pious look on her face, she's called a German mother and a decent woman. If a young woman without money sleeps with a man with no money because he has smooth skin and she likes him, she's a whore and a bitch.“ The Artificial Silk Girl

„Yes, there are stars," I lie and I give them to him--there are no stars--but there must be some behind the clouds and they must be shining inside-out tonight. I love stars, but I hardly ever notice them. I guess when you're blind, you realize how much you forget to see.“ The Artificial Silk Girl

„Father thou art in heaven, please make my inside so good and so fine that he can love me. I'm going to buy him a tie, because that's something I can do. Someone once told me that I have an almost masculine understanding of it. i guess there are situations where having a past is to your advantage. Heavenly Father, perform a miracle and give me an education--I can do the rest myself with make-up.“ The Artificial Silk Girl

„That says a lot, if somebody pleases you - love is so much more that I'm thinking, perhaps it doesn't exist at all.“ The Artificial Silk Girl

„And sometimes somebody is laughing--and that laugh is stuffing all of yesterday's and today's anger back into the mouth that it's oozing from.“ The Artificial Silk Girl

„The city isn't good and the city isn't happy and the city is sick," he says--"but you are good and I thank you for that.“ The Artificial Silk Girl

„But I say: "Tilli, sometimes women too are sensual and want only that one thing." And there's no difference. Because sometimes I only want to wake up with someone in the morning, all messed up from kissing and half dead and without any energy to think, but wonderfully tired and rested at the same time.“ The Artificial Silk Girl

„All the people are in a hurry--and sometimes they look pale under those lights, then the girls' dresses look like they're not paid off yet and the men can't really afford the wine--is nobody really happy? Now it's all getting dark. Where is my shiny Berlin?“ The Artificial Silk Girl

„And it was then that I knew what it means to be lucky--lucky to have met a person during those three minutes of the day that he's good. Because I have a lot of time on my hands--you can imagine that that adds up. there are 24 hours in a day, and half of that is night. That leaves you with 12. And that's 12 times 60 minutes, that is, 720 minutes minus three minutes of goodness still leaves you with 717 minutes worth of nasty ordinary person.“ The Artificial Silk Girl

„I so want to give him my notebook--I want to be a real person--he should read my book--I work for him, I cook for him, I'm Doris--Doris isn't just some piece of dirt. I don't want to be innocent, I want to be the real Doris here and not that silly civilized product of the Green Moss's imagination.“ The Artificial Silk Girl

„For you being human means being human and being a woman and being a worker and being everything, everything. Asking a lot? Each of us is asked only for what he can give. Woe betide us, if he doesn't give it all.“

„I've known for ages that men and women are animals by nature, I've also known that we have a sacred duty to make something different of ourselves, and I still believe that we have the strength and the chance to be more than we are. Through ourselves? Despite ourselves? Doesn't matter, I still believe…“

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