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Honoré Daumier

Geburtstag: 26. Februar 1808
Todesdatum: 10. Februar 1879


Honoré Daumier war ein französischer Maler, Bildhauer, Grafiker und Karikaturist. Er ist ein wichtiger Vertreter des Realismus. Bedeutend sind seine politischen und sozialkritischen Karikaturen.

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„Dear Monsieur,
I can make a drawing for you; when you have time to see me we will talk about it. I am always at home during the day.
I have the honor of greeting you, h. Daumier.“

— Honoré Daumier
Quote of Daumier from his handwritten, undated letter, presumably to mr. Deschamps, probably Monday 20 December 1843; from [http://www.daumier.org/14.0.html#c760 website Daumier]

„My dear Genron, I am forced to write to you because I can not go to see you because I am detained at Ste. Pelagie by a slight indisposition.... I eagerly await your response. Reply me right away about Cabat or Huet; my respects to your family..
Farewell, the Gouape, H.-D.
she is always in all her Charms (the Republic) - do not talk to me about politics because the letters are opened.“

— Honoré Daumier
Quote in Daumier's letter, from prison Ste. Pelagie Prison, Paris, 9 October, 1832; as quoted on [http://www.daumier.org/14.0.html#c760 website Daumier] His political print [https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/15/Honor%C3%A9_Daumier_-_Gargantua.jpg 'Gargantua'], published in 'La Caricature', 1832, cost Daumier six months in prison, because of insulting king Louis Philippe


„Paris, 30-7-1843, h. Daumier - I, the undersigned, Honoré Daumier declare to reduce the price of my drawings in lithography, to forty francs the drawing with the condition
1st, that the first 11 stones which I will deliver to 'Charivari' will be paid to me at the old price, that is, fifty francs each.
2° that this reduction will be made to me as long as M Dutacy remains attached to the...'Charivari'; this having been made for the sole purpose of being agreeable to him.“

— Honoré Daumier
Quote in a handwritten letter, by Daumier, 30 June, 1843; confirming his agreement with Philipon; from [http://www.daumier.org/14.0.html#c760 website Daumier] 40 Francs for each lithograph; this is one of the few documents, showing the income which Daumier drew from his artistic activity. With this salary he would be able to support a family of four

„The swarm of ducks so darkens the sky that poor Europe does not know which way to go“

— Honoré Daumier
original French text: 'La nuée des canards obscurcissant tellement l'air que la pauvre Europe ne sait plus quel chemin prendre' title/caption in Daumier's print; published in 'La Caricature', 1833-35; number 3601 in the catalogue raisonné by Loys Delteil, Le peintre-graveur illustré, Vol. 28 (New York: Da Capo Press, 1969); as quoted on [http://samfoxschool.wustl.edu/node/11263#footnote-1-ref samfoxschool] The word 'canards' refers to physical ducks; it also means unfounded rumors or exaggerated stories. Ducks, symbolizing rumors was a visual motif Daumier used both before and after this print

„I was sick these days here is what prevented me from delivering my stones last Friday as I promised you I am in the purgations it is better and I hope to send my stones Tuesday at the latest... Bien a vous, - h. Daumier“

— Honoré Daumier
Quote from an undated letter of Daumier [c. 1850's] to Pierre Véron Véron was a later editor [1850's] of the Charivari; Daumier is excusing himself for not being able to deliver the lithographic stones as promised because he was ill.

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