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Chris Martin

Geburtstag: 2. März 1977

Chris Martin ist ein britischer Komponist, Pianist, Gitarrist sowie Frontmann und Sänger der englischen Band Coldplay.

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„Wie macht man eine Frau in einem englischen Pub an? Du sagst einfach: Du hast wunderschöne Augen, deshalb möchte ich jetzt deine Brüste anfassen.“

—  Chris Martin

Stern Nr. 25/2008 vom 12. Juni 2008, S. 141 stern.de http://www.stern.de/kultur/musik/coldplay-ansichten-eines-clowns-624311.html

„Those have been the two biggest challenges of my life: trying to follow Radiohead, and trying to follow Brad Pitt.“

—  Chris Martin

Alluding to his marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow
Scaggs, Austin; Corbijn, Anton (2005-08-25), "COLDPLAY'S QUIET STORM". Rolling Stone. (981):40-46.

„They balance each other out. Chris and I are like Jay and Beyonce; two paranoid ironists and two calm grounded people.“

—  Chris Martin

http://belfasttelegraph.co.uk/entertainment/news/chris-martin-admits-his-friendship-with-jayz-is-hilarious-28686561.html source
Gwyneth Paltrow to Q Magazine on the friendship they share with Jay Z & Beyoncé, 2011.

„Q: Everyone picks up a certain emotional vulnerability in your music.“

—  Chris Martin

Yeah, but I don’t think that’s just a feminine thing. All men are soft and vulnerable, as well. (...) I think we boys, we men, are actually much weaker and softer than we like to think. source http://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/chris-martin-the-rolling-stone-interview-190116

„Chris is proof of how wonderful humans can be when they really put their minds to it.“

—  Chris Martin

Will Champion on BBC Radio 2, November 28 2019.

„How it did - in terms of commercial performance, is not how it feels to us. At the time it felt like this is not quite finished and not quite right.“

—  Chris Martin

http://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/chris-martin-coldplay-interview-jann-wenner-920912/ source
On the X&Y album.

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