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Alexander Michailowitsch Owetschkin

Geburtstag: 17. September 1985
Andere Namen: Александр Овечкин

Alexander Michailowitsch Owetschkin ist ein russischer Eishockeyspieler. Der linke Flügelstürmer spielt seit 2005 für die Washington Capitals in der National Hockey League, die ihn im NHL Entry Draft 2004 an erster Gesamtposition ausgewählt hatten. Mit den Capitals gewann er in den Playoffs 2018 den Stanley Cup und wurde dabei mit der Conn Smythe Trophy als wertvollster Spieler ausgezeichnet. Er gilt als einer der besten Eishockeyspieler seiner Generation, insbesondere im Hinblick auf seine Fähigkeiten als Torjäger, so gewann er bisher sieben Mal die Maurice Richard Trophy als bester Torschütze der NHL. Ferner wurde der Russe je drei Mal mit der Hart Memorial Trophy und dem Lester B. Pearson/Ted Lindsay Award als wertvollster Spieler der Liga ausgezeichnet, während er die NHL im Jahre 2008 in Scorerpunkten anführte und daher die Art Ross Trophy erhielt. Bei den Washington Capitals, die er seit 2010 als Kapitän anführt, hält er darüber hinaus zahlreiche Rekorde, unter anderem für die meisten Spiele, Tore und Scorerpunkte.

Auf internationaler Ebene wurde Owetschkin mit der russischen Nationalmannschaft drei Mal Weltmeister, verpasste bei Olympischen Winterspielen allerdings bisher jeweils die Medaillenränge mit der Sbornaja.

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„My dream has come true. I play with the great players and on a great team. I'm smiling and happy and enjoying the time of my life.“

—  Alexander Ovechkin
Canadian Press (October 27, 2006) "More than just the next superstar - Ovechkin's zest for life contagious with Capitals", The Record (Kitchner, Ontario, Canada), p. D2.

„I don't think about (being) the face of the NHL - I just enjoy my time right now. Playing in the NHL was my dream come true and I'm playing with great players. I feel trust and I'm happy because I'm having the time of my life.“

—  Alexander Ovechkin
Kevin McGran (October 28, 2006) "'Having the time of my life' - Capitals' Alexander Ovechkin says he loves to deliver hits and isn't averse to taking a few, either Rangers' Lundqvist's experiencing problems keeping the puck out this season, by Kevin McGran", The Toronto Star, p. E05.

„He's getting wrapped up before the game and iced down after it. And you see that and you might have an injury, but you are like, 'Well, if Ovie can go out there and skate as hard as he does, I can go out there.“

—  Alexander Ovechkin
About, That rubs off on guys a lot, too. Sami Lepisto, interview in Harlan Goode (October 5, 2008) "The Capitals' star attraction: Ovechkin charms fans with energy, humbleness", The Washington Times, News World Communications. p. M08.

„I'm ready. They hit me hard. I hit them hard. Doesn't matter who hits. What matters is results.“

—  Alexander Ovechkin
Steve Schrader (April 13, 2008) "What the NBC microphones picked up: Predator taunting", Detroit Free Press.

„He's one of the worst practice players I've played with. He rests and when the game comes, he flips the switch on. He plays a dominant physical style, so I think he just relaxes in practice and as a veteran player, I admire that.“

—  Alexander Ovechkin
About, Jeff Friesen, interview in Canadian Press (November 1, 2006) "The great debate rages on - Ovechkin vs. Phaneuf: Which one has greater impact for their team?", The Record (Kitchner, Ontario, Canada), p. E1.

„He's got Mike Bossy's hands, Jari Kurri's on-ice awareness, and Mark Messier's physicality.“

—  Alexander Ovechkin
About, Wayne Gretzky, interview in Kevin Paul Dupont (April 13, 2008) "This rink gives you chills: In Montreal, they have the magic down cold", Boston Globe, Globe Newspaper Company, p. 9D.

„Sometimes I want to joke but my English isn't perfect. Sometimes people are wondering what I'm talking about.“

—  Alexander Ovechkin
Pierre Lebrun, The Canadian Press (September 6, 2006) "Caps' Ovechkin says he is not ready to wear the 'C'", The Chronicle Herald, p. D3.

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„We never give up, we believe in each other, we believe in the coach, we believe in everybody. Only when you believe do you win the Stanley Cup.“

—  Alexander Ovechkin
Associated Press (June 13, 2008) "Clean Sweep - Capitals' Sensation, Ovechkin, Captures Hart and Pearson", Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, p. D-6.

„My goal is the same, work like last year, play hard all the time. Try and score goals.“

—  Alexander Ovechkin
Turkish Daily News staff (October 4, 2006) "New season brings optimism and challenges for NHL", Turkish Daily News.

„I want to win, I want to win everything. If I have a chance to win, why not?“

—  Alexander Ovechkin
Paul Hunter (June 12, 2008) "Ovechkin fashions himself a designer", The Toronto Star, p. S02.

„It was a good year. When I win the Stanley Cup, I'll say it's my best year.“

—  Alexander Ovechkin
Ray Fittipaldo (May 29, 2008) "Ovechkin: Wish I Were In Sid's Skates", Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, p. D2.

„Alex, you just enjoy watching because he's like a bull in a china shop. And he does everything. He's got all the great skills, and he can run over you as well.“

—  Alexander Ovechkin
About, Bruce Boudreau, interview in Jill Painter (November 20, 2008) "The Pursuit of Happiness: Whether On or Off the Ice, Washington's Ovechkin Always Enjoys Himself", Los Angeles Daily News, p. C1.

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