„If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.“

—  Nikola Tesla, First attibution is to Ralph Bergstresser who claims to have heard this from Tesla in a conversation "following an experience with the Maharaja's son".
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Nikola Tesla6
Erfinder und Physiker 1856 - 1943

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„Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.“

—  Albert Einstein German-born physicist and founder of the theory of relativity 1879 - 1955
There's no evidence that Einstein ever said this. (Source: http://quoteinvestigator.com/2012/05/16/everything-energy/.)

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„There is evidence that the honoree might be privy to the secret of the universe, which, in case you’re wondering, is simply this: everything is connected. Everything.“

—  Tom Robbins American writer 1936
Context: It is their desire to honor L. Cohen, songwriter, that has prompted a delegation of our brightest artists to climb, one by one, joss sticks smoldering, the steep and salty staircase in the Tower of Song. There is evidence that the honoree might be privy to the secret of the universe, which, in case you’re wondering, is simply this: everything is connected. Everything. Many, if not most, of the links are difficult to determine. The instrument, the apparatus, the focused ray that can uncover and illuminate those connections is language. And just as a sudden infatuation often will light up a person’s biochemical sky more pyrotechnically than any deep, abiding attachment, so an unlikely, unexpected burst of linguistic imagination will usually reveal greater truths than the most exacting scholarship. In fact, the poetic image may be the only device remotely capable of dissecting romantic desire, let alone disclosing the hidden mystical essence of the material world. Cohen is a master of the quasi-surrealistic phrase, of the “illogical” line that speaks so directly to the unconscious that surface ambiguity is transformed into ultimate, if fleeting, comprehension: comprehension of the bewitching nuances of sex and the bewildering assaults of culture. Liner notes for the Leonard Cohen tribute album Tower of Song (1995).

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„Madame de Staël thought it was pride in mankind to endeavour to penetrate the secret of the universe; and speaking of the higher metaphysics she said: "I prefer the Lord's Prayer to it all."“

—  Anne Louise Germaine de Staël Swiss author 1766 - 1817
Sketch of the Life, Character, and Writings of Baroness de Staël-Holstein (1820) by Albertine-Adrienne Necker de Saussure, p. 349; often misquoted as, "I desire no other evidence of the truth of Christianity than the Lord's Prayer."

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„“The universe doesn’t have secrets,” I said cynically, “only lies and swindles.”“

—  George Alec Effinger Novelist, short story writer 1947 - 2002
Chapter 6 (p. 63).

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