„Music is indeed the mediator between the spiritual and sensual life.“

Attributed to Beethoven by Bettina von Arnim in a letter to Goethe (28 May 1810); Goethe's Correspondence with a Child http://books.google.pt/books?id=UC8HAAAAQAAJ&pg=PA210&dq=%22+music+is+indeed+the+mediator+between+%22&hl=pt-PT&sa=X&ei=sF40VL3AIILwaIThgNgL&ved=0CEgQ6AEwBjgK#v=onepage&q=%22%20music%20is%20indeed%20the%20mediator%20between%20%22&f=false (1837)

Ludwig Van Beethoven Foto
Ludwig Van Beethoven16
deutscher Komponist 1770 - 1827

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Sun Ra Foto

„Music is not material. Music is Spiritual.“

—  Sun Ra American jazz composer and bandleader 1914 - 1993

"The Neglected Plane of Wisdom" (1966), p. 250

Van Morrison Foto

„Music is spiritual. The music business is not.“

—  Van Morrison Northern Irish singer-songwriter and musician 1945

The Times [London] (6 July 1990)

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Thomas Mann Foto

„Politics has been called the “art of the possible,” and it actually is a realm akin to art insofar as, like art, it occupies a creatively mediating position between spirit and life, the idea and reality.“

—  Thomas Mann, Germany and the Germans

Speech at the US Library of Congress (29 May 1945); published as "Germany and the Germans" ["Deutschland und die Deutschen"] in Die Neue Rundschau [Stockholm] (October 1945), p. 58, as translated by Helen T. Lowe-Porter

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„Music is the space between the notes.“

—  Claude Debussy French composer 1862 - 1918

As quoted in Turning Numbers into Knowledge: Mastering the Art of Problem Solving (2001) by Jonathan G. Koomey, p. 96; since at least 2010 similar statements are also sometimes attributed to Mozart, and a similar remark, apparently one of Ben Jonson, is quoted in "Notes to Cynthia's Revels, in The Works of Ben Jonson: With Notes Critical and Explanatory, and a Biographical Memoir (1875), edited by William Gifford, Vol. 2, in notes to p. 223, on p. 551: Division, in music, is "the space between the notes of music, or the dividing of the tones."
Unsourced variants:
Music is the silence between the notes.
The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.
The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between them.
Variante: Music is the space between the notes.

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„There is an inevitable connection between music and poetry.“

—  Marianne Moore American poet and writer 1887 - 1972

Quoted in Poetry Review 26 Sept 1935

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Woody Allen Foto

„You'll find as you go through life that great depth and smoldering sensuality don't always win.“

—  Woody Allen American screenwriter, director, actor, comedian, author, playwright, and musician 1935

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„Music is everywhere. It’s in the air between us, waiting to be sung.“

—  David Levithan, How They Met, and Other Stories

Quelle: How They Met, and Other Stories

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