„A few said they'd be horses. Most said they'd be some sort of cat. My friend said she'd like to come back as a porcupine. I don't like crowds, she said.“

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Brian Andreas Foto
Brian Andreas101
American artist 1956

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„I don't like the looks of it,' said the King: 'however, it may kis my hand, if it likes.'
'I'd rather not,' the Cat remarked.“

—  Lewis Carroll English writer, logician, Anglican deacon and photographer 1832 - 1898

Quelle: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

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Cassandra Clare Foto
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Scott Lynch Foto

„“I never even liked cats all that much.”
“Surely you realize,” said Patience, “that cats are no great respecters of human opinion.”“

—  Scott Lynch, buch The Republic of Thieves

Quelle: The Republic of Thieves (2013), Chapter 3 “Blood and Breath and Water” section 1 (p. 146)

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Cassandra Clare Foto
Lewis Carroll Foto
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Fred Phelps Foto

„I said the President of the United States gets his jollies masturbating horses!“

—  Fred Phelps American pastor and activist 1929 - 2014

As quoted in "The President of the United States gets his jollies masturbating horses" http://amagideon.blogspot.com/2006/08/president-of-united-states-gets-his.html (15 August 2006), Universal Armageddon.

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„If economists wished to study the horse, they wouldn't go and look at horses. They'd sit in their studies and say to themselves, "what would I do if I were a horse?"“

—  Ronald H. Coase British economist and author 1910 - 2013

Ronald Coase in speech to the "International Society of New Institutional Economics" the 17 September 1999, Washington DC. He claims he was quoting fellow economist Ely Devons which reportedly said this in a meeting
1990s and later

P. C. Cast Foto

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