„it doesn t matter if it takes a long time getting there; the point is to have a destination.“

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Eudora Welty1
US-amerikanische Schriftstellerin, Fotografin und Pulitzer-… 1909 - 2001

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„The journey, Not the destination matters…“

—  T.S. Eliot 20th century English author 1888 - 1965

Variante: The journey not the arrival matters.

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„That's the point, isn't it? We have to live on, no matter how hard it gets. We'll win in the end.“

—  Brandon Sanderson American fantasy writer 1975

Quelle: The Well of Ascension

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„Time past was nothing, no matter how long. Time ahead was everything, no matter how brief.“

—  Sheri S. Tepper, buch Grass

Quelle: Grass (1989), Chapter 17 (p. 385)

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„I know at the same time that you will be sympathetic to the point of view that public psychology, and for that matter, individual psychology, cannot, because of human weakness, be attuned for long periods of time to a constant repetition of the highest note on the scale.“

—  Franklin D. Roosevelt 32nd President of the United States 1882 - 1945

Letter to Ray Stannard Baker (20 March 1935), quoted in My Own Story: From Private and Public Papers (ed. Donald Day; Little, Brown & Co. 1951), p. 239

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„Time, matter, space — all, it may be, are no more than a point.“

—  Denis Diderot French Enlightenment philosopher and encyclopædist 1713 - 1784

Dying words of Nicholas Saunderson as portrayed in Lettre sur les aveugles [Letter on the Blind] (1749)
Variant translation:
What is this world of ours? A complex entity subject to sudden changes which all indicate a tendency to destruction; a swift succession of beings which follow one another, assert themselves and disappear; a fleeting symmetry; a momentary order.
Kontext: What is this world? A complex whole, subject to endless revolutions. All these revolutions show a continual tendency to destruction; a swift succession of beings who follow one another, press forward, and vanish; a fleeting symmetry; the order of a moment. I reproached you just now with estimating the perfection of things by your own capacity; and I might accuse you here of measuring its duration by the length of your own days. You judge of the continuous existence of the world, as an ephemeral insect might judge of yours. The world is eternal for you, as you are eternal to the being that lives but for one instant. Yet the insect is the more reasonable of the two. For what a prodigious succession of ephemeral generations attests your eternity! What an immeasurable tradition! Yet shall we all pass away, without the possibility of assigning either the real extension that we filled in space, or the precise time that we shall have endured. Time, matter, space — all, it may be, are no more than a point.

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„It doesn't matter how long it takes, if the end result is a good theorem.“

—  John Tate

[Steve Nadis, A History in Sum, https://books.google.com/books?id=4e29AAAAQBAJ&pg=PA207, 1 November 2013, Harvard University Press, 978-0-674-72655-0, 207]

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