„This is not a pipe.“

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René Magritte Foto
René Magritte
belgischer Maler des Surrealismus 1898 - 1967

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„Pipes are wonderful. They are doing wonderful things.“

—  Joe Armstrong British computer scientist 1950 - 2019

The How and Why of Fitting Things Together

George Wither Foto

„Jack shall pipe and Gill shall dance.“

—  George Wither English poet 1588 - 1667

Poem on Christmas; reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).

Andrew S. Tanenbaum Foto

„Microkernels are not a pipe dream. They represent proven technology.“

—  Andrew S. Tanenbaum Dutch computer scientist 1944

In a Usenet message, 5 Feb 1992.
The "Linux is Obsolete" Debate

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Fred Weatherly Foto

„Oh, Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
From glen to glen, and down the mountain side,
The summer's gone, and all the roses falling,
It's you, it's you must go, and I must bide.“

—  Fred Weatherly English lawyer, author, lyricist and broadcaster 1848 - 1929

Song Danny Boy http://www.recmusic.org/lieder/get_text.html?TextId=22729

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Jack Kerouac Foto

„Paris is a woman but London is an independent man puffing his pipe in a pub.“

—  Jack Kerouac, buch Lonesome Traveler

Quelle: Lonesome Traveler

Louis-ferdinand Céline Foto

„I should be able to get the alligators to dance to the tune of the pan pipe.“

—  Louis-ferdinand Céline French writer 1894 - 1961

March 30, 1947
Quelle: Letters to Milton Hindus (1947-1949), Les Cahiers de la NRF, Gallimard ISBN 2070134296

Richard Dawkins Foto

„Audience Member: Hey Mitch, I got something to put in that pipe for ya!“

—  Mitch Hedberg American stand-up comedian 1968 - 2005

Mitch Hedberg: Oh, I bet you do! Only don't think about the fact that there might be police around! What have you got there, we... dope? You fucking doper? [beat] Arrest that dude!!
Do You Believe in Gosh?

Neil Young Foto

„In my little box
At the top of the stair
With my Indian rug
And a pipe to share.“

—  Neil Young Canadian singer-songwriter 1945

Song lyrics, Rust Never Sleeps (1978)

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Neville Chamberlain Foto

„Mr Chamberlain views everything through the wrong end of a municipal drain-pipe.“

—  Neville Chamberlain Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1869 - 1940

David Lloyd George, as quoted in Rats! (1941) by "The Pied Piper", p. 108; similar remarks have also been attributed to Winston Churchill in later works, including Neville Chamberlain : A Biography (2006) by Robert C. Self, p. 12

Peter Cook Foto

„Stopping the GOVERNMENT from crawling up our pipes and listening to all we say.“

—  Peter Cook British architect 1937 - 1995

Aims in the Manifesto of The World Domination League by E. L. Wisty and Spotty Muldoon (1965)
Kontext: 1. Total domination of the world by 1958.
2. Domination of the astral spheres quite soon too.
3. The finding of lovely ladies for Spotty Muldoon within the foreseeable future.
4. GETTING A NUCLEAR ARM to deter with.
5. The bodily removal from this planet of C. P. Snow and Alan Freeman and their replacement with fine TREES.
6. Stopping the GOVERNMENT from crawling up our pipes and listening to all we say.
7. Training BEES for uses against foreign powers, and so on.
8. Elimination of spindly insects and encouragement of lovely little newts who dance about and are happy.
9. E. L. Wisty for GOD.

Arthur Conan Doyle Foto

„It is quite a three pipe problem, and I beg that you won't speak to me for fifty minutes.“

—  Arthur Conan Doyle Scottish physician and author 1859 - 1930

Quelle: The Red Headed League

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien Foto

„Every morning I wake up and think good, another 24 hours' pipe-smoking.“

—  John Ronald Reuel Tolkien British philologist and author, creator of classic fantasy works 1892 - 1973

A rare interview with Tolkien (1966) — "Tolkien's shire" by John Ezard, The Guardian (28 December 1991) http://www.theguardian.com/books/1991/dec/28/jrrtolkien.classics

Kenneth Grahame Foto

„A bird piped suddenly, and was still; and a light breeze sprang up and set the reeds and bulrushes rustling.“

—  Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows

Quelle: The Wind in the Willows (1908), Ch. 7
Kontext: A bird piped suddenly, and was still; and a light breeze sprang up and set the reeds and bulrushes rustling. Rat, who was in the stern of the boat, while Mole sculled, sat up suddenly and listened with a passionate intentness. Mole, who with gentle strokes was just keeping the boat moving while he scanned the banks with care, looked at him with curiosity.
'It's gone!' sighed the Rat, sinking back in his seat again. 'So beautiful and strange and new. Since it was to end so soon, I almost wish I had never heard it. For it has roused a longing in me that is pain, and nothing seems worth while but just to hear that sound once more and go on listening to it for ever. No! There it is again!' he cried, alert once more. Entranced, he was silent for a long space, spellbound.
'Now it passes on and I begin to lose it,' he said presently. 'O Mole! the beauty of it! The merry bubble and joy, the thin, clear, happy call of the distant piping! Such music I never dreamed of, and the call in it is stronger even than the music is sweet! Row on, Mole, row! For the music and the call must be for us.'
The Mole, greatly wondering, obeyed. 'I hear nothing myself,' he said, 'but the wind playing in the reeds and rushes and osiers.

P.G. Wodehouse Foto

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