„How can the dead be truly dead when they still live in the souls of those who are left behind?“

—  Carson McCullers, buch Das Herz ist ein einsamer Jäger

Quelle: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

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Carson McCullers5
US-amerikanische Schriftstellerin 1917 - 1967

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„He is dead already who doth not feel
Life is worth living still.“

—  Alfred Austin British writer and poet 1835 - 1913

Is Life Worth Living? http://infomotions.com/etexts/gutenberg/dirs/1/9/3/1/19316/19316.htm (1896)

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„As a dead man cannot inherit an estate, no more can a dead soul inherit heaven. The soul must be resurrected in Christ.“

—  Dwight L. Moody American evangelist and publisher 1837 - 1899

Quelle: Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895), P. 562.

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„Leave your stepping stones behind, something calls for you.
Forget the dead you've left, they will not follow you.“

—  Bob Dylan American singer-songwriter, musician, author, and artist 1941

Song lyrics, Bringing It All Back Home (1965), It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

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„And you, the living soul, you over there
get away from all these people who are dead.“

—  Dante Alighieri, buch Dantes Inferno

Canto III, lines 88–89 (tr. Mark Musa).
The Divine Comedy (c. 1308–1321), Inferno

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„There are three kinds of people—the living, the dead, and those at sea.“

—  Tad Williams novelist 1957

Quelle: Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn, Stone of Farewell (1990), Chapter 19, “Children of the Navigator” (p. 475).

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„Honor is for the living. Dead is dead.“

—  Drew Karpyshyn, buch Star Wars: Darth Bane: Path of Destruction

Quelle: Path of Destruction

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