„Your teacher might be a child who takes you by the hand and asks you a question that you hadn't considered before, and your answer to the child is your answer to yourself.“

—  Wayne Dyer

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Wayne Dyer1
US-amerikanischer Autor und Redner 1940 - 2015

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„When it is a child you ask a lot of questions and ask for answers. When you are an adult you avoid many questions, to avoid unnecessary answers.“

—  Prevale Italian DJ and producer 1983

From the Aphorisms http://www.prevale.net/aphorisms.html page of the official website of Prevale
Original: Quando si è bimbi si fanno tante domande pretendendo altrettante risposte. Quando si è adulti si evitano molte domande, per evitare inutili risposte.

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„If you want to know what you think of yourself, then ask yourself what you think of others, and you will find your answer.“

—  Jane Roberts American Writer 1929 - 1984

Session 340, Page 25
The Early Sessions: Sessions 1-42, 1997, The Early Sessions: Book 8

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„Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.“

—  William S. Burroughs American novelist, short story writer, essayist, painter, and spoken word performer 1914 - 1997

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„You might as well answer the door, my child,
the truth is furiously knocking.“

—  Lucille Clifton American poet 1936 - 2010

Quelle: Good Woman: Poems and a Memoir 1969-1980

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„You have chosen not to be perturbed by great problems, having trouble enough to forget your own fate as man. You are not the dweller upon an errant planet and do not ask yourself questions to which there are no answers.“

—  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry French writer and aviator 1900 - 1944

Quelle: Terre des Hommes (1939), Ch. I : The Craft
Kontext: I had a vision of the face of destiny.
Old bureaucrat, my comrade, it is not you who are to blame. No one ever helped you to escape. You, like a termite, built your peace by blocking up with cement every chink and cranny through which the light might pierce. You rolled yourself up into a ball in your genteel security, in routine, in the stifling conventions of provincial life, raising a modest rampart against the winds and the tides and the stars. You have chosen not to be perturbed by great problems, having trouble enough to forget your own fate as man. You are not the dweller upon an errant planet and do not ask yourself questions to which there are no answers. You are a petty bourgeois of Toulouse. Nobody grasped you by the shoulder while there was still time. Now the clay of which you were shaped has dried and hardened, and naught in you will ever awaken the sleeping musician, the poet, the astronomer that possibly inhabited you in the beginning.
The squall has ceased to be a cause of my complaint. The magic of the craft has opened for me a world in which I shall confront, within two hours, the black dragons and the crowned crests of a coma of blue lightnings, and when night has fallen I, delivered, shall read my course in the stars.

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„You don’t get all your questions answered in this world.“

—  Gwendolyn Brooks American writer 1917 - 2000

"Song of Winnie"
Winnie (1988)
Kontext: My Poem is life, and not finished.
It shall never be finished.
My Poem is life, and can grow.

Wherever life can grow, it will.
It will sprout out,
and do the best it can.
I give you what I have.
You don’t get all your questions answered in this world.
How many answers shall be found
in the developing world of my Poem?
I don’t know. Nevertheless I put my Poem,
which is my life, into your hands, where it will do the best it can.

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„There were a significant number of questions I had asked myself and, as you know, when you really ask yourself the questions, you give better answers than if we merely read the conventional answers.“

—  Albert Messiah French physicist 1921 - 2013

Il y avait un nombre important de questions que je m'étais posées et, comme vous le savez, lorsqu'on se pose vraiment les questions, on donne de meilleures réponses que si l'on se contente de lire les réponses convenues.
explaining how he came to write his textbook on quantum mechanics, in Descente au coeur de la matière, an interview edited by [Stéphane Deligeorges, Le monde quantique, Editions du Seuil, Sciences et Avenir, 1984, 2020089084, 111]

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„Pose your questions to people and you will get countless useless answers.“

—  Dejan Stojanovic poet, writer, and businessman 1959

“A Question for the Sun,” p. 123
The Sun Watches the Sun (1999), Sequence: “Hopelessness”

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„It's not just about you taking care of "your" child. It's about you taking care of these children.“

—  Tupac Shakur rapper and actor 1971 - 1996

1990s, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Atlanta (1992)

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„To answer your question, you want me because I'm made of awesome.“

—  Gena Showalter American writer 1975

Quelle: Heart of Darkness

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