„Life is short. If you doubt me, ask a butterfly. Their average life span is a mere five to fourteen days.“

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Ellen DeGeneres1
US-amerikanische Schauspielerin, Moderatorin, Komikerin und… 1958

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„Life's short span forbids us to enter on far reaching hopes.“

—  Horace, buch Odes

Vitae summa brevis spem nos vetat inchoare longam.
Book I, ode iv, line 15
Odes (c. 23 BC and 13 BC)

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„Barren are the years behind me. This is the first day of my span, here is the threshold of my life.“
Steriles transmisimus annos: haec aevi mihi prima dies, hic limina vitae.

—  Statius, Silvae

ii, line 12
Silvae, Book IV

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„Fronting on me will shorten your life-span.“

—  50 Cent American rapper, actor, businessman, investor and television producer 1975

I'm Supposed to Die Tonight
Song lyrics, The Massacre (2005)

„You kill, with a single gas canister, an average of five hundred criminals per day!“

—  Luiz Carlos Alborghetti Italian-Brazilian radio commenter, showman and political figure 1945 - 2009

Original: (pt) Você mata, com um botijão de gás, uma média de 500 bandidos por dia!
Original: (pt) Source: [9 December 2009, Morre Luiz Carlos Alborghetti, dono do bordão 'bandido bom é bandido morto', https://extra.globo.com/tv-e-lazer/morre-luiz-carlos-alborghetti-dono-do-bordao-bandido-bom-bandido-morto-209786.html, Portuguese, Extra, Editora Globo S/A, 31 March 2019]

„The fact that the span of apprehension averages only four or five… probably results from the high rate of encoding. In a tachistoscopic experiment the subject must read the fading icon as rapidly as possible.“

—  Ulric Neisser American psychologist 1928 - 2012

Quelle: Cognitive Psychology, 1967, p. 42 ; As cited in: A.H.C. Van der Heijden, "Visual attention," in: Handbook of Perception and Action, Vol. 3. 1996

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„Whose life is a bubble, and in length a span.“

—  William Browne English poet 1590 - 1645

Book i. Song 2. Compare: "Who then to frail mortality shall trust/ But limns on water, or but writes in dust", Francis Bacon, The World.
Britannia's Pastorals (1613)

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„Music has no limits of a life-span.“

—  Nadine Gordimer South african Nobel-winning writer 1923 - 2014

Yonder Mark (ed.), The Quotable Gordimer, 2014.

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„Chorus [leader]: Ye Children of Man! whose life is a span, / Protracted with sorrow from day to day, / Naked and featherless, feeble and querulous, / Sickly, calamitous creatures of clay!“

—  Aristophanés, The Birds

heavily rewritten tr. Frere 1839, p. 38 http://books.google.com/books?id=Bk8JAAAAQAAJ&q=%22Sickly%2C+calamitous+creatures+of+clay%22
Birds (414 BC)

Horace Foto

„Then take, good sir, your pleasure while you may;
With life so short 'twere wrong to lose a day.“

Dum licet, in rebus jucundis vive beatus; Vive memor quam sis aevi brevis.

—  Horace, buch Satires

Book II, satire viii, line 96 (trans. Conington)
Satires (c. 35 BC and 30 BC)

„Then take, good sir, your pleasure while you may;
With life so short 'twere wrong to lose a day.“

—  John Conington British classical scholar 1825 - 1869

Dum licet, in rebus jucundis vive beatus;
Vive memor quam sis aevi brevis.
Book II, satire viii, line 96 (trans. Conington)
Translations, The Satires, Epistles, and Art of Poetry of Horace (1869), Satires

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„Life is short, but it is wide. Genevieve Whitman taught me that.“

—  Rebecca Wells American writer 1952

Variante: life is short but it is wide. this too shall pass.
Quelle: Divine Secrets of the Ya-ya Sisterhood

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