„The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men,
Gang aft agley.
An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain,
For promis'd joy!“

To a Mouse, st. 7 (1785)
Quelle: Collected Poems of Robert Burns

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Robert Burns Foto
Robert Burns1
schottischer Schriftsteller und Poet 1759 - 1796

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Robert Burns Foto

„The best laid schemes o' mice and men
Gang aft a-gley“

—  Robert Burns Scottish poet and lyricist 1759 - 1796

To a Mouse, st. 7 (1785)
Quelle: Collected Poems of Robert Burns
Kontext: The best laid schemes o' mice and men
Gang aft a-gley;
And leave us naught but grief and pain
For promised joy.

„The plans of mice, men and Maureen gang aft a cock-up.“

—  Maureen Lipman British actress, columnist and comedienne 1946

How Was it For You?

Robert Burns Foto
John Armstrong Foto

„Music exalts each joy, allays each grief,
Expels diseases, softens every pain,
Subdues the rage of poison, and the plague.“

—  John Armstrong British poet 1709 - 1779

Book IV, line 512.
The Art of Preserving Health (1744)

Aeschylus Foto

„The show of weeping and of ruth
To the forlorn will all men pay,
But of the grief their eyes display,
Nought to the heart doth pierce its way.
And, with the joyous, they beguile
Their lips unto a feigned smile.“

—  Aeschylus, Agamemnon

Original: (el) Τῷ δυσπραγοῦντί τ' ἐπιστενάχειν
πᾶς τις ἑτοῖμος· δῆγμα δὲ λύπης
οὐδὲν ἐφ' ἧπαρ προσικνεῖται·
καὶ ξυγχαίρουσιν ὁμοιοπρεπεῖς,
ἀγέλαστα πρόσωπα βιαζόμενοι.
Quelle: Oresteia (458 BC), Agamemnon, lines 790–794 (tr. E. D. A. Morshead)

Warren Farrell Foto
William Osler Foto

„When schemes are laid in advance, it is surprising how often the circumstances fit in with them.“

—  William Osler Canadian pathologist, physician, educator, bibliophile, historian, author, cofounder of Johns Hopkins Hospital 1849 - 1919

"Internal Medicine as a Vocation" Address to the New York Academy of Medicine (1897); later published in Aequanimitas, and Other Addresses (1905).

Daniel Defoe Foto

„For sudden Joys, like Griefs, confound at first.“

—  Daniel Defoe, La vie et les aventures de Robinson Crusoe

Quelle: Robinson Crusoe

Francis Bacon Foto

„The joys of parents are secret; and so are their griefs and fears.“

—  Francis Bacon, buch Essays

Of Parents and Children
Essays (1625)
Kontext: The joys of parents are secret; and so are their griefs and fears. They cannot utter the one; nor they will not utter the other.

„Grief restrains grief as dams torrential rain
And time grows fertile with extended pain“

—  J. V. Cunningham American writer 1911 - 1985

'Exclusion of Rhyme' Alan Swallow Denver 1942

Elizabeth Barrett Browning Foto
Clive Barker Foto

„True joy is a profound remembering; and true grief the same.“

—  Clive Barker author, film director and visual artist 1952

Part Five “Revels”, Chapter i “Cal, Among Miracles” (p. 199)

Thomas Traherne Foto

„Some unknown joys there be
Laid up in store for me.“

—  Thomas Traherne English poet 1636 - 1674

Shadows in the Water.

Meister Eckhart Foto

„Ocean in view! O! the joy“

—  William Clark (explorer)

Entry in the journal of the Lewis and Clark Expedition (November 7, 1805). Clark believed that the Corps of Discovery had sighted the Pacific http://www.nationalgeographic.com/lewisandclark/journey_leg_13.html; in fact, the body of water seen was the estuary of the Columbia River, some 20 miles from the coast. The quote, with spelling corrected http://itre.cis.upenn.edu/~myl/languagelog/archives/001496.html, was for a time featured on the reverse of the nickel coin in 2005 as part of the "Westward Journey" series commemorating the bicentennial of Lewis and Clark's expedition.

Muhammad Iqbál Foto

„O water of the river Ganges, thou rememberst the day
When our torrent flooded thy valleys...“

—  Muhammad Iqbál Urdu poet and leader of the Pakistan Movement 1877 - 1938

Quelle: quoted in Annemarie Schimmel - Gabriel's Wing_ Study into the Religious Ideas of Sir Muhammad Iqbal (1989, Iqbal Academy) also in Jain, M. (2010). Parallel pathways: Essays on Hindu-Muslim relations, 1707-1857.

Fernando Pessoa Foto

„My joy is as painful as my pain.“

—  Fernando Pessoa, buch Das Buch der Unruhe des Hilfsbuchhalters Bernardo Soares

Ibid., p. 100
The Book of Disquiet
Original: A minha alegria é tão dolorosa como a minha dor.

Arthur Hugh Clough Foto

„Hope conquers cowardice, joy grief;
Or at least, faith unbelief.“

—  Arthur Hugh Clough English poet 1819 - 1861

Easter Day II, l. 34-35.

Ralph Waldo Emerson Foto

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