„Everything we do is music." (Classical Composer)(From: 4'33")“

—  John Cage

John Cage Foto
John Cage6
US-amerikanischer Komponist 1912 - 1992

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Joanna MacGregor Foto
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Joanna MacGregor Foto
Morton Feldman Foto

„The composer makes plans, music laughs.“

—  Morton Feldman American avant-garde composer 1926 - 1987

Quoted in Give My Regards to Eighth Street: Collected Writings of Morton Feldman, ISBN 1878972316.

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„Why did Mozart compose music?“

—  Jonas Salk Inventor of polio vaccine 1914 - 1995

Response when asked why he chose to do medical research rather than be a practicing physician, as quoted in The Polio Man : The Story of Dr. Jonas Salk (1961) by John Rowland, p. 23

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„I’m nothing but a conduit. The music goes though my ears, my fingers… Composer is a god. Composer creates music. We’re performers. We’re just passing it on.“

—  Valentina Lisitsa Ukrainian-American classical pianist 1973

telegraph.co.uk http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/classicalmusic/9467708/Pianist-Valentina-Lisitsa-interview-with-the-YouTube-star.html

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„Everything on this planet has something to do with music. Music functions in the realm of sculptured air.“

—  Frank Zappa American musician, songwriter, composer, and record and film producer 1940 - 1993

Oui interview (1979)
Kontext: Everything on this planet has something to do with music. Music functions in the realm of sculptured air. Polluted as our atmosphere might be, air is the thing that makes music work. Since all other things that occur in the sound domain are transmitted to the ear through that swirling mass, depending on how wide you want to make your definition, you could perceive quite a bit of human experience in terms of music.

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