„Then forget Gabriel. Is there a particular reason you keep biting vampires?"

Will touched the dried blood on his wrists, and smiled. "They don't expect it.“

—  Cassandra Clare, buch Clockwork Angel

Quelle: Clockwork Angel

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Cassandra Clare Foto
Cassandra Clare3
US-amerikanische Autorin (Fantasy) 1973

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Fritz Leiber Foto

„There are vampires and vampires, and the ones that suck blood aren’t the worst.“

—  Fritz Leiber American writer of fantasy, horror, and science fiction 1910 - 1992

Short Fiction, Night's Black Agents (1947)
Quelle: “The Girl with the Hungry Eyes” (p. 240)

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Charlotte Wessels Foto

„This heart is black
like blood that has dried“

—  Charlotte Wessels Dutch singer 1987

Here Come the Vultures, The Human Contradiction (2014)

Cassandra Clare Foto
Cassandra Clare Foto
E.E. Cummings Foto

„Here life is, moves; faintly. A wrist. The faint throb of blood, precise, miraculous . . .“

—  E.E. Cummings, Him

Him (1927)
Kontext: Here life is, moves; faintly. A wrist. The faint throb of blood, precise, miraculous... And they talk of dying! The blood delicately descending and ascending: making an arm. Being an arm. The warm flesh, the dim slender flesh filled with life, slenderer than a miracle, frailer... These are the shoulders through which fell the world. The dangerous shoulders of Eve, in god's entire garden newly strolling.

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„Don't bite till you know if it's bread or stone.“

—  Anne Sexton poet from the United States 1928 - 1974

Quelle: Complete Poems

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