„…You don’t want the best of times to be just one thing, forever. You have to have a lot of bests of times, each one topping the last. You know?“

—  Sarah Dessen, buch Along for the Ride
Sarah Dessen Foto
Sarah Dessen
US-amerikanische Jugendbuchautorin 1970

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Billy Joel Foto
Frank Stella Foto

„Time is what you have left.... you just march with it and use it the best you can.“

—  Frank Stella American artist 1936
Quotes, 1971 - 2000, Bomb: X Motion Picture and Center for New Art Activities, 2000, p. 28.

Nicholas Sparks Foto
Don Soderquist Foto

„Do things right the first time. If you don’t have time to do a job once, you certainly don’t have time to do it again.“

—  Don Soderquist 1934 - 2016
On Doing Things Right, Don Soderquist “ Live Learn Lead to Make a Difference https://books.google.com/books?id=s0q7mZf9oDkC&lpg=pg=PP1&dq=Don%20Soderquist&pg=PP1#v=onepage&q&f=false, Thomas Nelson, April 2006 p. 58.

Канье Уэст Foto

„Yo, Taylor, I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time! One of the best videos of all time!“

—  Канье Уэст American rapper, singer and songwriter 1977
Video Music Awards 2009, Taylor Swift and Kanye West https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUHQpCM7yyY (video)

Leo Buscaglia Foto

„I just want to know the last time you saw a unicorn and do you still believe in primeval forests.“

—  Leo Buscaglia Motivational speaker, writer 1924 - 1998
Living, Loving, and Learning (1982), Context: I have a lot of things in my classes that I call "voluntarily mandatory." One of the things that is voluntarily mandatory is that every student come to see me in my office at least once. I cannot teach bodies. I can only relate to people. And so I say, "Come in, and we will sit across from one another. I don't want to talk about the texts or the class. We can do that another time. I just want to know the last time you saw a unicorn and do you still believe in primeval forests. And when you come, I am going to touch you — and if that bothers you, take your tranquilizer." It is amazing how many are intimidated by someone who says, "I want to touch you." I was raised in a large Italian family, as most of you know, and everybody hugs everybody all the time. On holidays everyone gets together, and it takes forty-five minutes just to say hello and forty-five minutes to say goodbye. Babies, parents, dogs — everyody's got to be loved! And so I have never suffered that existential feeling of not being. If someone can hug you and not go through you, you are. Try it sometime.

Gordon B. Hinckley Foto

„The best thing you can do is just keep busy, keep working hard, so you’re not dwelling on it all the time. Work is the best antidote for sorrow.“

—  Gordon B. Hinckley President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1910 - 2008
Discussing the death of his wife with Larry King, 2004.

Waylon Jennings Foto
Ben Harper Foto

„You know that there is a time to do one thing and another time to enjoy it.“

—  Doris Veillette Quebec journalist 1935 - 2019
Chronicle "Forbidden to men", 1971, Chronicle "Interdit aux hommes" (Forbidden to men), by Doris Veillette-Hamel, Journal Le Nouvelliste, January 4, 1971, page 18.

Koichi Tohei Foto

„Each time you do something, you must return to your beginner’s mind, and give it your best.“

—  Koichi Tohei Japanese aikidoka 1920 - 2011
Ki Sayings (2003), Context: !-- People who are fast learners tend to pick things up so quickly that they lose out on the opportunity for repetitious learning. --> Even if you learn something quickly with your conscious mind, you will easily forget it after you stop practicing. That which is learned with the subconscious mind is not easily forgotten. Therefore to learn something with the subconscious mind, requires months and years of training. Just because you were able to do it before, do not assume that you can do it as well the second time. Each time you do something, you must return to your beginner’s mind, and give it your best. 40

Aidan Chambers Foto
Matt Haig Foto
Don Marquis Foto

„The best good that you can possibly achieve is not good enough if you have to strain yourself all the time to reach it.“

—  Don Marquis American writer 1878 - 1937
The Almost Perfect State (1921), Context: The best good that you can possibly achieve is not good enough if you have to strain yourself all the time to reach it. A thing is only worth doing, and doing again and again, if you can do it rather easily, and get some joy out of it. Do the best you can, without straining yourself too much and too continuously, and leave the rest to God. If you strain yourself too much you'll have to ask God to patch you up. And for all you know, patching you up may take time that it was planned to use some other way. BUT... overstrain yourself now and then. For this reason: The things you create easily and joyously will not continue to come easily and joyously unless you yourself are getting bigger all the time. And when you overstrain yourself you are assisting in the creation of a new self — if you get what we mean.

Jodi Picoult Foto
Marek Sanak Foto
Kevin Plank Foto

„Give it a chance, try to make it happen. This is our greatest asset as a nation and one that we have to continue to encourage. You don’t have to go broke, you don’t have to bet everything on it, but you can start one day at a time by taking a chance and seeing if you too can build a great company.“

—  Kevin Plank American entrepreneur and philanthropist 1972
Social Growth Technologies Wins U-Maryland Cupid’s Cup Business Competition Under Armour’s Kevin Plank and BB&T Sponsor Fifth Annual Event https://www.rhsmith.umd.edu/news/social-growth-technologies-wins-u-maryland-cupids-cup-business-competition-under-armours-kevin, University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business (May 10, 2010)

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