„Sometimes," Halt continued, "we tend to expect a little too much of Ranger horses. After all, they are only human.“

Quelle: The Icebound Land

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John Flanagan Foto
John Flanagan
US-amerikanischer Leichtathlet und Tauzieher 1873 - 1938

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Mwanandeke Kindembo Foto
Joseph Pisani Foto

„Being born in New York City, tends to lead to big expectations, expectations that I only started to realize after I had left.“

—  Joseph Pisani American artist and photographer 1971

Television Interview, Aeschbacher April 4, 2008, Swiss Television SF1

Warren G. Harding Foto

„Our most dangerous tendency is to expect too much of government, and at the same time do for it too little.“

—  Warren G. Harding American politician, 29th president of the United States (in office from 1921 to 1923) 1865 - 1923

Inaugural address (4 March 1921).

Charlie Chaplin Foto
Larry Niven Foto

„“Perhaps I was expecting too much.”
“Perhaps. We’re all waiting as fast as we can.”“

—  Larry Niven, buch The Mote in God's Eye

Quelle: The Mote in God's Eye (1974), Chapter 13 “Look Around You” (p. 107)

Anne Perry Foto
Wallace Stevens Foto

„The right, uplifted foreleg of the horse
Suggested that, at the final funeral,
The music halted and the horse stood still.“

—  Wallace Stevens American poet 1879 - 1955

Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction (1942), It Must Change

Karen Joy Fowler Foto
John Flanagan Foto
John Flanagan Foto

„You spoil your horse, Halt said.
Will glanced at him. You spoil yours.
Halt considered the thought, then nodded. That's true.“

—  John Flanagan Irish-American hammer thrower 1873 - 1938

Quelle: The Kings of Clonmel

Jennifer Morrison Foto
Alec Douglas-Home Foto

„This is a counter-revolution. After half a century of democratic advance, of social revolution, of rising expectations, the whole process has ground to a halt with a fourteenth Earl.“

—  Alec Douglas-Home Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1903 - 1995

"Labour would reject move to postpone M.P.s' return", The Times, 21 October 1963, p. 6.
Harold Wilson speaking at Manchester, 19 October 1963, shortly after Douglas-Home's appointment as Prime Minister.

Francesca Lia Block Foto
Janet Evanovich Foto

„One Ranger is all you'll ever need. - Ranger“

—  Janet Evanovich, Twelve Sharp

Quelle: Twelve Sharp

Kazuo Ishiguro Foto

„My donors have always tended to do much better than expected.“

—  Kazuo Ishiguro, buch Alles, was wir geben mussten

Quelle: Never Let Me Go (2005), Chapter 1, p. 3

Jodi Picoult Foto

„Sometimes the key to happiness is just expecting a little bit less“

—  Jodi Picoult Author 1966

Quelle: Between the Lines

J. Howard Moore Foto
Victor Villaseñor Foto
Lynne Cheney Foto

„Expecting to be able to get rid of the competitive drive, first of all, flies in the face of human nature — and little girls certainly have this drive, as much as little boys do, or at least the little girls I have observed in my immediate family have it.“

—  Lynne Cheney Second Lady of the United States 2001–2009, writer and pundit 1941

"The Truth & Lynne Cheney" http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0IUK/is_2001_Spring/ai_75453032/pg_1, interview, Women's Quarterly (Spring 2001).

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