„You're better than seven years of food. You're better than windows. You're even better than the sky.“

—  Shannon Hale, buch Book of a Thousand Days

Quelle: Book of a Thousand Days

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Shannon Hale Foto
Shannon Hale109
American fantasy novelist 1974

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José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero Foto

„Today things are better than a year ago. But within a year things will be even better.“

—  José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero Former Prime Minister of Spain 1960

Presidential press release on 29th December 2006, one day before an ETA bomb attack at Madrid airport, resulting in 2 deaths.
As President, 2006
Quelle: el Mundo http://www.elmundo.es/elmundo/2006/12/29/espana/1167368963.html.

Cassandra Clare Foto
Michael Jackson Foto

„When you're sad, my Little Star, go out of doors. It's always better underneath the open sky.“

—  Eva Ibbotson, buch A Countess Below Stairs

Quelle: A Countess Below Stairs

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Khaled Hosseini Foto

„The Chinese say it is better to be deprived of food for three days than tea for one.“

—  Khaled Hosseini, buch A Thousand Splendid Suns

Laila, p. 250
Quelle: A Thousand Splendid Suns (2007)

Nicholas Sparks Foto
Robert Jordan Foto

„Better ten days of love than years of regretting.“

—  Robert Jordan American writer 1948 - 2007

Min Farshaw
(15 October 1991)

Chuck Palahniuk Foto

„Nerds do not think they are better than you. Nerds are better than you, in their particular fields, unless you happen to be an even more devoted nerd.“

—  Laura Penny Canadian journalist 1975

Quelle: More Money than Brains (2010), Chapter One, Don't Need No Edjumacation, p. 12

Darren Shan Foto

„Even a minute of dying is better than an eternity of nothingness.“

—  Darren Shan, buch Sons of Destiny

Quelle: Sons of Destiny

David Lynch Foto

„Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.“

—  David Lynch American filmmaker, television director, visual artist, musician and occasional actor 1946

Jan Hus Foto

„Even a most evil man is better than the devil!“

—  Jan Hus Czech linguist, religion writer, theologist, university educator and science writer 1369 - 1415

Quelle: A Companion to Jan Hus (2015), pp. 201-202; Jan Hus in Booklet against the Cook-priest in response to the rival priest who swore that Hus is worse than any devil.

Stephen King Foto

„Even the company of the mad was better than the company of the dead.“

—  Stephen King, buch The Stand

Quelle: The Stand

Madonna Foto

„Better to live one year as a tiger, than a hundred as sheep.“

—  Madonna American singer, songwriter, and actress 1958

Madonna: 50 Years Of Wit And Wisdom, The Insider http://www.theinsider.com/news/1130430_Madonna_50_Years_Of_Wit_And_Wisdom,

Benito Mussolini Foto

„Better to live a day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.“

—  Benito Mussolini Duce and President of the Council of Ministers of Italy. Leader of the National Fascist Party and subsequent Republican… 1883 - 1945

Attributed in "Duce (1922-42)" in TIME magazine (2 August 1943)
Also quoted by Generale Armando Diaz in "Il pensiero dei leoni" in Il Carroccio. The Italian review (1922) attributed to graffiti by an unknown soldier https://archive.org/stream/ilcarroccioitali15newyuoft#page/14/mode/2up
Though not precisely a repetition of any of them, this is somewhat resembles far earlier remarks attributed to others:
An army of sheep led by a lion is better than an army of lions led by a sheep.
Attributed to Alexander the Great, in The British Battle Fleet : Its Inception and Growth Throughout the Centuries to the Present Day (1915) by Frederick Thomas Jane
To live like a lion for a day is far better than to live like a jackal for a hundred years.
Tipu Sultan, as quoted in Encyclopedia of Asian History (1988) Vol. 4, p. 104
It is far better to live like a tiger for a day than to live like a jackal for a hundred years.
Tipu Sultan, as quoted in Tipu Sultan : A Study in Diplomacy and Confrontation (1982) by B. Sheikh Ali, p. 329
I should prefer an army of stags led by a lion, to an army of lions led by a stag.
Chabrias, as quoted in A Treatise on the Defence of Fortified Places (1814) by Lazare Carnot, p. 50
He has been frequently heard to say, that in this world he would rather live two days like a tiger, than two hundred years like a sheep.
Tipu Sultan, as quoted in A View of the Origin and Conduct of the War with Tippoo Sultaun; Comprising a Narrative of the Operations of the Army under the Command of Lieutenant-General George Harris, and of the Siege of Seringapatam (London, G. and W. Nicol, 1800) by Alexander Beatson, pp. 153-154. http://oudl.osmania.ac.in/bitstream/handle/OUDL/7905/212261_Origin_And_Conduct_Of_The_War_With_Tipoo_Sultaun.pdf https://indianhistorybooks3.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/99999990039373-view-of-the-origin-and-conduct-of-the-war-with-tipoo-sultan.pdf

Douglas Adams Foto
E.E. Cummings Foto
Christopher Paolini Foto
Keith Olbermann Foto

„I just think if you're 44 years old and you're not smarter than you were when you were 35 years old or 25 years old, just stay in your room.“

—  Keith Olbermann American sports and political commentator 1959

" Making up hard to do for Olbermann http://www.jsonline.com/sports/gen/feb03/118189.asp" by Bob Wolfley, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (2003-02-16)

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