„Is a person worth more because they have someone to grieve for them?“

—  Melina Marchetta, buch On the Jellicoe Road

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Melina Marchetta Foto
Melina Marchetta204
Australian teen writer 1965

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„"No boy is worth your teenage years!." "For me to be in love with someone means that I have to accept who I am, and not allow another person to define me. And if someone loves me in spite of all that, then that's a start."“

—  Hayley Williams American singer-songwriter and musician 1988

Interview about her highschool years with the 'Sugar' magazine http://www.omgmusic.com/news/hayley-williams-girls-at-school-called-me-gay

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„You don't stop loving someone just because you hate them.“

—  Hanif Kureishi English playwright, screenwriter, novelist 1954

Quelle: Intimacy

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