„For you to love something, you must have seen and heard it for a long time, you idiots.“

Original: (fr) Pour que vous aimiez quelque chose il faut que vous l'ayez vu et entendu depuis longtemps tas d'idiots.
Quelle: Sign for a Dada festival (March 1920)

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Francis Picabia Foto
Francis Picabia6
kubanischer Schriftsteller, Maler, Grafiker 1879 - 1953

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„Once you hear something, you can never return to the time before you heard it.“

—  Jonathan Safran Foer, buch Alles ist erleuchtet

Quelle: Everything Is Illuminated

Anthony de Mello Foto

„Happiness is not something you acquire; love is not something you produce; love is not something you have; love is something that has you.“

—  Anthony de Mello Indian writer 1931 - 1987

"The Land of Love", p. 172
Awareness (1992)
Kontext: Understand the obstructions you are putting in the way of love, freedom, and happiness and they will drop. Turn on the light of awareness and the darkness will disappear. Happiness is not something you acquire; love is not something you produce; love is not something you have; love is something that has you.

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„If you don't have something you think you need, maybe it's because God wants you to see something you've never seen.“

—  Craig Groeschel American priest 1967

It – How Churches and Leaders Can Get It and Keep It (2008, Zondervan)

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„Donkeys live a long time. None of you has ever seen a dead donkey.“

—  George Orwell, buch Farm der Tiere

Quelle: Animal Farm

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„If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.“

—  Thomas Jefferson 3rd President of the United States of America 1743 - 1826

Not found in Jefferson's writings, according to the Jefferson Monticello center https://www.monticello.org/site/research-and-collections/if-you-want-something-you-have-never-had-quotation. First known appearance in print is from 2004.

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„Leave the beaten track occasionally and dive into the woods. Every time you do so you will find something you have never seen before. Follow it up, explore around it, and before you know it, you will have something to think about to occupy your mind. All really big discoveries are the result of thought.“

—  Alexander Graham Bell scientist and inventor known for his work on the telephone 1847 - 1922

Engraving at Bell Labs as quoted in Comprehending and Decoding the Cosmos: Discovering Solutions to Over a Dozen Cosmic Mysteries by Jerome Drexler (2006). p. viii.

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„I like to think of it as like watching The Godfather...You might have seen it 1,000 times, but when it comes on it makes you stop. Each time you see it, you find something different. That’s what I want people to get from my music.“

—  Rubén Blades Panamanian musician, singer, composer, actor, activist, and politician 1948

On comparing the longevity of his music to The Godfather in "Forty Years Into His Career, Rubén Blades is Still Building Bridges & Inspiring Change" https://daily.bandcamp.com/2018/07/03/ruben-blades-music-interview/ in bandcamp daily

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