„The Rhine is still the Rhine, the great divider... Immediately you are over the Rhine, the spirit of place has changed... It is as if the life had retreated eastwards. As if the Germanic life were slowly ebbing away from contact with western Europe, ebbing to the deserts of the east.“

Quelle: 'A Letter from Germany', written 19 February 1924, printed in The New Statesman (13 October 1934), quoted in D. H. Lawrence, Selected Essays (1950), pp. 175-176

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David Herbert Lawrence Foto
David Herbert Lawrence6
englischer Schriftsteller 1885 - 1930

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Georges Clemenceau Foto

„[Clemenceau] said that the Rhine was a natural boundary of Gaul and Germany and that it ought to be made the German boundary now, the territory between the Rhine and the French frontier being made into an Independent State whose neutrality should be guaranteed by the great powers.“

—  Georges Clemenceau French politician 1841 - 1929

Quoted in a letter from the British Ambassador Lord Derby to Lord Balfour (14 December 1918), quoted in David Robin Watson, Georges Clemenceau: A Political Biography (London: Eyre Methuen, 1974), p. 337.
Prime Minister

Georges Clemenceau Foto

„In fifteen years I will be dead, but if you do me the honour of visiting my tomb, you will be able to say that the Germans have not fulfilled all the clauses of the treaty, and that we are still on the Rhine.“

—  Georges Clemenceau French politician 1841 - 1929

Remarks to Poincaré in Cabinet (25 April 1919), quoted in David Robin Watson, Georges Clemenceau: A Political Biography (London: Eyre Methuen, 1974), p. 352.
Prime Minister

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Brandon Boyd Foto

„Life's a match in a gas tank. Don't ever mourn the ebbing tide.“

—  Brandon Boyd American rock singer, writer and visual artist 1976

Lyrics, Light Grenades (2006)

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William L. Shirer Foto
Raymond Poincaré Foto

„And, further, shall we be sure of finding the left bank free from German troops? Germany is supposedly going to undertake to have neither troops nor fortresses on the left bank and within a zone extending 50 km. east of the Rhine. But the Treaty does not provide for any permanent supervision of troops and armaments, on the left bank any more than elsewhere in Germany. In the absence of this permanent supervision, the clause stipulating that the League of Nations may order enquiries to be undertaken is in danger of being purely illusory. We can thus have no guarantee that after the expiry of the fifteen years and the evacuation of the left bank, the Germans will not filter troops by degrees into this district. Even supposing they have not previously done so, how can we prevent them doing it at the moment when we intend to re-occupy on account of their default? It will be simple for them to leap to the Rhine in a night and to seize this natural military frontier well ahead of us. The option to renew the occupation should not therefore from any point of view be substituted for occupation. It will then be simple for them to leap to the Rhine in a night and to seize this natural military frontier well ahead of us.“

—  Raymond Poincaré 10th President of the French Republic 1860 - 1934

Memorandum to Clemenceau (28 April 1919), quoted in David Lloyd George, The Truth about the Peace Treaties. Volume I (London: Victor Gollancz, 1938), p. 430.

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Gavrilo Princip Foto

„There is no need to carry me to another prison. My life is already ebbing away. I suggest that you nail me to a cross and burn me alive. My flaming body will be a torch to light my people on their path to freedom.“

—  Gavrilo Princip Bosnian assassin 1894 - 1918

Said to the prison warden on being moved to another prison; as quoted by Borivoje Jevtic (1914) http://wwi.lib.byu.edu/index.php/The_Assassination_of_Archduke_Franz_Ferdinand

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William L. Shirer Foto
Markus Zusak Foto
William L. Shirer Foto
William Pfaff Foto

„The center holds; passion falls away. That is what happened ideologically in Western Europe over recent years.“

—  William Pfaff American journalist 1928 - 2015

Quelle: Barbarian Sentiments - How The American Century Ends (1989), Chapter 2, The Challenge of Europe, p. 63.

John Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton Foto

„The immediate purpose with which the Italians and Germans effected the great change in European constitution was unity, not liberty. They constructed, not securities, but forces. Machiavelli's hour had come.“

—  John Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton British politician and historian 1834 - 1902

Introductory note to G.P. Gooch's Annals of Politics and Culture https://archive.org/stream/annalsofpolitics00goociala#page/n5/mode/2up, p. xxxlv (1901)

Georgy Zhukov Foto

„And now German generals find it hard to explain away their retreat.“

—  Georgy Zhukov Marshal of the Soviet Union 1896 - 1974

Quoted in "These are the Russians" - Page 131 - by Richard Edward Lauterbach - 1945

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