„I dressed more like a tomboy in very slouchy clothing. I was very humble because I didn’t think of myself as beautiful. It wasn’t something I even thought about.“

Quelle: "Liu Wen Sees Beauty as a Journey, Not a Destination" in Harper's Bazaar https://www.harpersbazaar.com/culture/features/a36205161/liu-wen-beauty-issue-may-2021/ (26 April 2021)

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Liu Wen (model) Foto
Liu Wen (model)12
Chinese model 1988

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John Cage Foto
Jon Postel Foto

„I think they called me the closest thing to a God of the Internet. But at the end, that article wasn’t very complimentary, because the author suggested that I wasn’t doing a very good job, and that I ought to be replaced by a "professional."“

—  Jon Postel American computer scientist 1943 - 1998

Of course, there isn’t any "God of the Internet." The Internet works because a lot of people cooperate to do things together.
When asked "What do you think of being called a god?" in "Heavenly Father of the NET", an interview article in NetWorker (Summer 1997); This refers to a statement "if the Net does have a god, he is probably Jon Postel", which appeared in the British magazine The Economist.

Tim Powers Foto
Kim Wilde Foto
Maureen Johnson Foto

„I didn’t allow merchandising for seven years after it was on the air because I was very idealistic, and I didn’t want parents to think we were trying to exploit their children.“

—  Art Clokey American animator 1921 - 2010

Interview by Patrick S. Pemberton, "Once and Future Gumby", The Tribune (San Luis Obispo), 13 February 2002, p. A1

Roald Dahl Foto
Robert Crumb Foto
Salma Hayek Foto

„Yes, I'm beautiful … I am beautiful and famous — and yet the things I like about myself have nothing to do with that, because I don't use wealth and beauty to define myself.“

—  Salma Hayek Mexican-American actress and producer 1966

O interview (2003)
Kontext: Yes, I'm beautiful … I am beautiful and famous — and yet the things I like about myself have nothing to do with that, because I don't use wealth and beauty to define myself. People think I'm more beautiful than I am because they see me on magazine covers — but go to nearly any town, and you'd find prettier women. And though I'm well known now, I might not be famous one day —but I'd still be happy. I do have money, but I could be richer. I just don't want to pay the price some are willing to pay to have more money. I live in a small house. I'm not the glamour girl who wears makeup every day. I live a wonderful life, and I lack for nothing. Maybe that does make it easier for me to say, "Be who you are" — but I always tell people they shouldn't be too impressed with wealth and fame. They shouldn't worship it. I am in this machine, but I haven't completely given my soul to it.

Richard Feynman Foto

„I wanted very much to learn to draw, for a reason that I kept to myself: I wanted to convey an emotion I have about the beauty of the world.“

—  Richard Feynman American theoretical physicist 1918 - 1988

Part 5: "The World of One Physicist", "But Is It Art?", p. 261
Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! (1985)
Kontext: I wanted very much to learn to draw, for a reason that I kept to myself: I wanted to convey an emotion I have about the beauty of the world. It's difficult to describe because it's an emotion. It's analogous to the feeling one has in religion that has to do with a god that controls everything in the whole universe: there's a generality aspect that you feel when you think about how things that appear so different and behave so differently are all run "behind the scenes" by the same organization, the same physical laws. It's an appreciation of the mathematical beauty of nature, of how she works inside; a realization that the phenomena we see result from the complexity of the inner workings between atoms; a feeling of how dramatic and wonderful it is. It's a feeling of awe — of scientific awe — which I felt could be communicated through a drawing to someone who had also had this emotion. It could remind him, for a moment, of this feeling about the glories of the universe.

„I did not like acting. I wasn’t very good and wasn’t interested in being good but I was interested in helping people that were good.“

—  Nicole Jaffe Talent agent, actress 1941

Super ‘70s and ‘80s: “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!”—Nicole David (Jaffe) https://www.noblemania.com/2011/10/super-70s-and-80s-scooby-doo-where-are_10.html (October 10, 2011)

Hayley Jensen Foto

„Dicko: You looked beautiful and I enjoyed that. I didn’t think that you over thought that at all.“

—  Hayley Jensen Australian singer 1983

Australian Idol, Final Performances, Final 4

John Banville Foto

„I like to dress conservatively because then the outrageous things you say are even more outrageous.“

—  John Banville Irish writer 1945

John Banville: Who cares whodunnit? (2013)

Amy Tan Foto

„I had on a beautiful red dress, but what I saw was even more valuable. I was strong. I was pure. I had genuine thoughts inside that no one could see, that no one could ever take away from me. I was like the wind.

—  Amy Tan, The Joy Luck Club

American Acheivement interview (1996)
Quelle: The Joy Luck Club
Kontext: Reading for me was a refuge. I could escape from everything that was miserable in my life and I could be anyone I wanted to be in a story, through a character. It was almost sinful how much I liked it. That's how I felt about it. If my parents knew how much I loved it, I thought they would take it away from me. I think I was also blessed with a very wild imagination because I can remember, when I was at an age before I could read, that I could imagine things that weren't real and whatever my imagination saw is what I actually saw. Some people would say that was psychosis but I prefer to say it was the beginning of a writer's imagination. If I believed that insects had eyes and mouths and noses and could talk, that's what they did. If I thought I could see devils dancing out of the ground, that's what I saw. If I thought lightning had eyes and would follow me and strike me down, that's what would happen. And I think I needed an outlet for all that imagination, so I found it in books.

Paulo Coelho Foto
Nastassja Kinski Foto

„When he died I had a moment of grief that lasted about five minutes. It was very intense, then never again. Not because I forced myself, but I think it was because he caused us too much pain.“

—  Nastassja Kinski German actress 1961

On her father, Klaus Kinski, as quoted in Cameron Docherty, Interview: Nastassja Kinski - Still a daddy's girl http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/interview-nastassja-kinski--still-a-daddys-girl-1241160.html, The Independent, September 26, 1997

Ingmar Bergman Foto

„When I was young, I was extremely scared of dying, but now I think it a very, very wise arrangement. It’s like a light that is extinguished. Not very much to make a fuss about.“

—  Ingmar Bergman Swedish filmmaker 1918 - 2007

As quoted in "Ingmar Bergman, Master Filmmaker, Dies at 89" by Mervyn Rothstein in The New York Times (31 July 2007) http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/31/movies/31bergman.html?hp.

Ingmar Bergman Foto
Rihanna Foto

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