„Being normal is being completely unique, because nobody's the same.“

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Over the Top: A Raw Journey to Self-Love (2019)

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Jonathan Van Ness7
American hairstylist and television personality 1987

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Parmenides Foto

„There is one story left, one road: that it is. And on this road there are very many signs that, being, is uncreated and imperishable, whole, unique, unwavering, and complete.“

—  Parmenides ancient Greek philosopher -501 - -470 v.Chr

Frag. B 8.1-4, quoted by Simplicius, Commentary on the Physics, 144

Brian W. Aldiss Foto
Adrienne von Speyr Foto

„To me, it was not at all disagreeable to be treated as a precious, unique being, because I belonged to God.“

—  Adrienne von Speyr Swiss doctor and mystic 1902 - 1967

Interlude on the Plains, p. 200
My Early Years (1968)

„Being unique is highly over rated.“

—  Rob Payne Canadian writer 1973

Quelle: Working Class Zero (2003), Chapter 29, p. 228

Peter Ustinov Foto

„Pavarotti is not vain, but conscious of being unique.“

—  Peter Ustinov English actor, writer, and dramatist 1921 - 2004

As quoted in The Independent (12 September 1993)

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Tom Robbins Foto

„The highest function of love is that it makes the loved one a unique and irreplaceable being.“

—  Tom Robbins, buch Jitterbug Perfume

Quelle: Jitterbug Perfume

John Ashcroft Foto

„Nobody ever accused me of being objective.“

—  Paul Conrad German theologian 1924 - 2010

As quoted in Multer-Wellin, B. (2006). Paul Conrad: Drawing Fire http://www.hulu.com/watch/55119. Documentary, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

Dave Barry Foto

„Nobody understands how hard it is, being a captain.“

—  Dave Barry, buch Peter and the Starcatchers

Quelle: Peter and the Starcatchers

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Johnny Depp Foto
Linus Torvalds Foto

„On the internet nobody can hear you being subtle.“

—  Linus Torvalds Finnish-American software engineer and hacker 1969

<nowiki>Linus Torvalds' Best Quotes from LinuxCon Europe 2014</nowiki>, Clark, Libby, 2014-10-18, 2014-10-18 http://www.linux.com/news/featured-blogs/200-libby-clark/791788-linus-torvalds-best-quotes-from-linuxcon-europe-2014,
2010s, 2014

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Lewis Black Foto

„Everyone of you has a health that is unique and totally different from everybody else. Completely! Because we… are all like snowflakes.“

—  Lewis Black American stand-up comedian, author, playwright, social critic and actor 1948

Black on Broadway (2004)

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Ben Carson Foto

„There is no such thing as an average human being. If you have a normal brain, you are superior.“

—  Ben Carson 17th and current United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; American neurosurgeon 1951

Michelangelo Antonioni Foto

„Hollywood is like being nowhere and talking to nobody about nothing.“

—  Michelangelo Antonioni Italian film director and screenwriter 1912 - 2007

Sunday Times [London] (20 June 1971)

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