„If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin.“


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Iwan Sergejewitsch Turgenew Foto
Iwan Sergejewitsch Turgenew9
russischer Schriftsteller 1818 - 1883

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Ho Iat Seng Foto

„We (Government of Macau) appeal to the public not to go out unless it's absolutely necessary. That's the best prevention (against the COVID-19). We had no choice but to cancel the (2020 Lunar) new year celebrations even when everything was ready.“

—  Ho Iat Seng Chief Executive of Macau 1957

Ho Iat Seng (2020) cited in " Macau confirms second patient infected with Chinese coronavirus https://www.scmp.com/news/china/article/3047337/macau-confirms-second-patient-infected-chinese-coronavirus?utm_content=article&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR3J-0hvJBW78tSA93OtCjZ6icG5WEavRE5UoemIkusUOiK3vuJ1DgNRWZc#Echobox=1579765233" on South China Morning Post, 23 January 2020.

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„Why is it that when we lose something big, we begin to lose everything else along with it?“

—  Donna Freitas American non-fiction writer and writer 1972

Quelle: The Survival Kit

Meister Eckhart Foto

„We shall find God in everything alike, and find God always alike in everything.“

—  Meister Eckhart German theologian 1260 - 1328

Quoted in Geary's Guide to the World's Great Aphorists (2007) by James Geary, p. 232

Citát „Everything we are is at every moment alive in us.“
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Thich Nhat Hanh Foto

„If we are not fully ourselves, truly in the present moment, we miss everything.“

—  Thich Nhat Hanh Religious leader and peace activist 1926

Quelle: Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life

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Robert M. Sapolsky Foto

„We may learn everything about something, and we may learn something about everything, but we're never going to learn everything about everything.“

—  Robert M. Sapolsky American endocrinologist 1957

Emperor Has No Clothes Award acceptance speech (2003)
Kontext: I am a reasonably emotional person, and I see no reason why that's incompatible with being a scientist. Even if we learn about how everything works, that doesn't mean anything at all. You can reduce how an impala leaps to a bunch of biomechanical equations. You can turn Bach into contrapuntal equations, and that doesn't reduce in the slightest our capacity to be moved by a gazelle leaping or Bach thundering. There is no reason to be less moved by nature around us simply because it's revealed to have more layers of complexity than we first observed.
The more important reason why people shouldn't be afraid is, we're never going to inadvertently go and explain everything. We may learn everything about something, and we may learn something about everything, but we're never going to learn everything about everything. When you study science, and especially these realms of the biology of what makes us human, what's clear is that every time you find out something, that brings up ten new questions, and half of those are better questions than you started with.

Guillaume Apollinaire Foto

„We hurry since everything hurries
And I shall never not return
Memories are all archaic horns
Silenced by the wind.“

—  Guillaume Apollinaire, buch Alcools

Passons passons puisque tout passe
Je me retournerai souvent
Les souvenirs sont cors de chasse
Dont meurt le bruit parmi le vent
"Cors de chasse" (Hunting Horns), line 9; translation from Donald Revell (trans.) Alcools (Hanover, NH: Wesleyan University Press, 1995) p. 159.
Alcools (1912)

Kate Chopin Foto

„We shall be everything to each other. Nothing else shall be of any consequence.“

—  Kate Chopin, buch The Awakening

Quelle: The Awakening

Emil M. Cioran Foto

„We have lost, being born, as much as we shall lose, dying. Everything.“

—  Emil M. Cioran, buch The Trouble With Being Born

The Trouble With Being Born (1973)
Quelle: The Trouble with Being Born

William Saroyan Foto

„Everything begins with inhale and exhale, and never ends.“

—  William Saroyan American writer 1908 - 1981

The Resurrection of a Life (1935)

Shigeru Miyamoto Foto

„When we’re doing an action game, we make the second level first. We begin making level 1 once everything else is completed.“

—  Shigeru Miyamoto Japanese video game designer and producer 1952

Quelle: http://gamasutra.com/view/news/175791/A_free_tip_from_Miyamoto_Make_your_first_level_last.php

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Ray Bradbury Foto

„And suddenly everything, absolutely everything, was there.“

—  Ray Bradbury, buch Dandelion Wine

Quelle: Dandelion Wine

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Elizabeth Hand Foto

„There's always a moment when everything changes.“

—  Elizabeth Hand, buch Generation Loss

Quelle: Generation Loss (2007), Ch. 1
Kontext: There's always a moment when everything changes. … If you don't see it coming, if you blink or you're drunk or just looking the other way — well everything changes anyway, it's not like things would have been different.
But for the rest of your life you're fucked, because you blew it. Maybe no one else knows it, but you do. In my case, it was no secret. Everyone knew I'd blown it. Some people can make do in a situation like that. Me, I've never been good at making do. My life, who could pretend there wasn't a big fucking hole in it.

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