„The speedily changing world and the growth in business and industrial enterprises have led to greater demand of semi-skilled manpower, who need a higher level of education in order to perform their tasks at the adequate level. To keep up with the speedy change, the educational system can no longer take a passive role.“

Education helps reduce social problems and improves quality of life

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Sukavich Rangsitpol Foto
Sukavich Rangsitpol2
thailändischer Politiker 1935

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Joel Mokyr Foto

„If England led the rest of the world in the Industrial Revolution, it was despite, not because of her formal education system.“

—  Joel Mokyr Israeli American economic historian 1946

Quelle: The lever of riches: Technological creativity and economic progress, 1992, p. 240

Pope Francis Foto

„Only by changing education can we change the world.“

—  Pope Francis 266th Pope of the Catholic Church 1936

Address of Pope Francis to members of the Gravissimum Educationis Foundation, 25 June 2018 .

Source: Address of Pope Francis to members of the Gravissimum Educationis Foundation http://w2.vatican.va/content/francesco/en/speeches/2018/june/documents/papa-francesco_20180625_gravissimum-educationis.html
2010s, 2018

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John P. Kotter Foto
Nelson Mandela Foto

„Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world“

—  Nelson Mandela President of South Africa, anti-apartheid activist 1918 - 2013

" Lighting your way to a better future : Speech delivered by Mr N R Mandela at launch of Mindset Network http://db.nelsonmandela.org/speeches/pub_view.asp?pg=item&ItemID=NMS909&txtstr=education%20is%20the%20most%20powerful," July 16, 2003 at db.nelsonmandela.org. ; Cited in: Nelson Mandela, ‎S. K. Hatang, ‎Sahm Venter (2012) Notes to the Future: Words of Wisdom. p. 101.
Kontext: Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world and is a powerful part of that world changing arsenal.

Michelle Obama Foto

„We wanted to make higher education cool. We wanted to change the conversation around what it means and what it takes to be a success in this country.“

—  Michelle Obama lawyer, writer, wife of Barack Obama and former First Lady of the United States 1964

2010s, Farewell Speech (2017)
Kontext: I want to recognize all of you who are here in this audience. We have our educators, our leaders, our young people who have been with us since we launched Reach Higher https://www.whitehouse.gov/reach-higher back in 2014. Now, when we first came up with this idea, we had one clear goal in mind: We wanted to make higher education cool. We wanted to change the conversation around what it means and what it takes to be a success in this country. Because let's be honest, if we're always shining the spotlight on professional athletes or recording artists or Hollywood celebrities, if those are the only achievements we celebrate, then why would we ever think kids would see college as a priority?

Robert Frost Foto

„Education doesn't change life much. It just lifts trouble to a higher plane of regard.“

—  Robert Frost American poet 1874 - 1963

Variante: Education doesn't change life much. It just lifts trouble to a higher plane of regard.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Foto

„Education does have a great role to play in this period of transition. But it is not either education or legislation; it is both education and legislation. It may be true that morality cannot be legislated, but behavior can be regulated. It may be true that the law cannot make a man love me, but it can keep him from lynching me, and I think that’s pretty important also. It may be true that the law cannot change the heart, but it can restrain the heartless, and this is what we often so and we have to do in society through legislation. We must depend on religion and education to change bad internal attitudes, but we need legislation to control the external effects of those bad internal attitudes. And so there is a need for meaningful civil right legislation.“

—  Martin Luther King, Jr. American clergyman, activist, and leader in the American Civil Rights Movement 1929 - 1968

Address at Cornell College, Mount Vernon, Iowa (15 October 1962) https://news.cornellcollege.edu/dr-martin-luther-kings-visit-to-cornell-college/; also quoted in Wall Street Journal (13 November 1962), Notable & Quotable , p. 18
It is true that behavior cannot be legislated, and legislation cannot make you love me, but legislation can restrain you from lynching me, and I think that is kind of important.
Address at Finney Chapel, Oberlin College (22 October 1964), as reported in "When MLK came to Oberlin" by Cindy Leise, The Chronicle-Telegram (21 January 2008)

Tony Blair Foto

„Ask me my three main priorities for government, and I tell you: education, education and education. We are 35th in the world league of education standards – 35th. At every level, radical improvement and reform.“

—  Tony Blair former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1953

"We are back as the people's party, says Blair", The Times, 2 October 1996.

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Margaret Mead Foto

„Certain information is required for adequate role performance, that is, in order for a person to conform to the role expectations held by members of his role set.“

—  Robert L. Kahn American psychologist 1918 - 2019

Quelle: Organizational stress: Studies in role conflict and ambiguity, 1964, p. 22-23

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