„Fundamentally, Britain is responsible for the war. She was jealous. British business men wanted this war. It is a British business war. … We have no dislike for France, nor Russia. We think highly of the French. But Britain! We hate Britain!“

Interview with Senator Beveridge (March 1915), Paul Dehn, Hindenburg, als Erzieher (1918), p. 43, quoted in W. W. Coole (ed.), Thus Spake Germany (London: George Routledge & Sons, 1941), p. 174
Supreme Commander of All German Forces in the East

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Paul von Hindenburg Foto
Paul von Hindenburg5
Generalfeldmarschall, Reichspräsident der Weimarer Republik… 1847 - 1934

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Edward Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax Foto
Gene Wolfe Foto
David Lloyd George Foto

„Trial of the Kaiser; punishment of those responsible for atrocities; fullest indemnities from Germany; Britain for the British, socially and industrially; rehabilitation of those broken in the war; and a happier country for all.“

—  David Lloyd George Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1863 - 1945

Election programme contained in a foreword to an official list of Coalition candidates, quoted in The Times (11 December 1918), p. 8
Prime Minister

Hendrik Verwoerd Foto

„Our war is not against everybody who is American or British, but against whoever stops us from fighting America and Britain, whether it is Pakistan or even our own people.“

—  Mullah Dadullah Afghan Taliban commander 1966 - 2007

There Will Be No Reconciliation with America before Withdrawal, Apology, and Compensation http://www.memritv.org/Transcript.asp?P1=1402, exclusive interview, March 2007.
Targeting collaborators

Franz Halder Foto

„The Führer confirms my impressions of yesterday. He would like an understanding with Great Britain. He knows that war with the British will be hard and bloody, and knows also that people everywhere today are averse to bloodshed.“

—  Franz Halder German general 1884 - 1972

July 14, 1940 diary entry, quoted in "Their Finest Hour" - Page 230 - by Winston Churchill - History - 1986.
Sourced Encyclopedia of the Third Reich Louis L. Snyder

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Lynn Compton Foto
David Lloyd George Foto
Vince Cable Foto

„In a Britain increasingly dominated by extremists and ideologues, I want us to fill the huge gap in the centre of British politics.“

—  Vince Cable British Liberal Democrat politician 1943

Vince Cable: I can lead Lib Dems back to power https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-41307116, BBC News, 19 September 2017

Johann Hari Foto
William L. Shirer Foto
H. H. Asquith Foto

„...where we were obliged to part company with our friends was here—that we held and still hold that war was neither intended nor desired by the Government and the people of Great Britain, but that it was forced upon us without adequate reason, entirely against our will.“

—  H. H. Asquith Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1852 - 1928

Speech in the Liverpool Street Station Hotel, London (20 June 1901) on the Boer War, quoted in Speeches by The Earl of Oxford and Asquith, K.G. (London: Hutchinson & Co., 1927), p. 40
Opposition MP

Warren G. Harding Foto

„I want to acclaim the day when America is the most eminent of the shipping nations. A big navy and a big merchant marine are necessary to the future of the country…The United States, before the war, never seriously contested and had no thought of contesting Great Britain’s dominance in shipping, but since, as an incident of the war, we installed a huge shipbuilding plant and became the owners of what was, for us, an unprecedented quantity of tonnage, we have come to be ambitious in this field. If the aggregate mind of our business world were distilled, it would probably be found, consciously or unconsciously, that we now have a national ambition to contest Great Britain’s shipping dominance. If we are to achieve a position in shipping and foreign trade comparable with that which Great Britain has had for many generations, we can only do so through time, patience, and the building up of the reputation for commercial skill and integrity that makes Great Britain’s prestige in every part of Asia and Africa…We are witnessing and participating in one of those great incidents in world-history which occur only once in several centuries, and which will be a subject for poets and historians for generations to come.“

—  Warren G. Harding American politician, 29th president of the United States (in office from 1921 to 1923) 1865 - 1923

Speech at Norfolk, Virginia (4 December 1920), quoted in The Times (6 December 1920), p. 17.

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Clement Attlee Foto

„I take it to be a fundamental assumption that whatever post-war international organisation is established, it will be our aim to maintain the British Commonwealth as an international entity, recognised as such by foreign countries. … If we are to carry our full weight in the post-war world with the US and USSR, it can only be as a united British Commonwealth.“

—  Clement Attlee Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1883 - 1967

'The Relations of the British Commonwealth to the Post-War International Political Organisation' (June 1943), quoted in Correlli Barnett, The Lost Victory: British Dreams, British Realities 1945–1950 (Pan, 1995), p. 51.
War Cabinet

Margaret Thatcher Foto
Winston S. Churchill Foto

„I am trying to marshal all the forces I can to prevent this coming war, and to strengthen Britain.“

—  Winston S. Churchill Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1874 - 1965

Letter to Guy Fleetwood Wilson (13 November 1936), quoted in Martin Gilbert, Prophet of Truth: Winston S. Churchill, 1922–1939 (London: Minerva, 1990), p. 800
The 1930s

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