„I've sat at the preachers' feet and listened to them, faithfully, and tried to make myself become what they said I ought to be. I'm through! I do my own thinking now and my own bossing. ~ Ch. 51“

Sinclair Lewis Foto
Sinclair Lewis
amerikanischer Schriftsteller 1885 - 1951

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„I've tried to stay true to myself this whole entire time, and I think I've represented myself as creatively as I could with what I got on the show.“

—  Blake Lewis American musician 1981
["Blake Lewis Reaches Out to Gnarls, will.i.am After 'Idol' Finale: 'Call Me!'", http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1560387/20070524/id_0.jhtml, 2007-06-10, May 24, 2007], MTV.com, Katie Byrne, Jim Cantiello]

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„I think my own way. I don't think like you and my music isn't meant just for the patting of feet and going down backs.“

—  Charles Mingus American jazz double bassist, composer and bandleader 1922 - 1979
Context: I think my own way. I don't think like you and my music isn't meant just for the patting of feet and going down backs. When and if I feel gay and carefree, I write or play that way. When I feel angry I write or play that way — or when I'm happy, or depressed, even. Just because I'm playing jazz I don't forget about me. I play or write me, the way I feel, through jazz, or whatever. Music is, or was, a language of the emotions. If someone has been escaping reality, I don't expect him to dig my music, and I would begin to worry about my writing if such a person began to really like it. My music is alive and it's about the living and the dead, about good and evil. It's angry, yet it's real because it knows it's angry.

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„.. I don't want to be a preacher who tries to improve the world according to his own opinion. For that I put too much in perspective in my thinking and perhaps I am more independent. I do not start from a reflex on tradition and on social and political structures but rather from a continual and fresh scanning for the essence of things.“

—  Roger Raveel painter 1921 - 2013
version in original Flemish (citaat van Roger Raveel, in het Vlaams): ..Ik wil geen predikant zijn die de wereld wil verbeteren volgens zijn eigen opinie. Daarvoor denk ik te relatief en wellicht ben ik onafhankelijker en ga ik niet zozeer uit van een reflex op de traditie en op de sociale en politieke structuren maar veeleer uit een steeds opnieuw tasten naar het wezen der dingen. Quote of Raveel in the catalogue of his exhibition in the museum of Deinze in 1972; as cited by Ludo Bekkers in 'Roger Raveel en zijn keuze uit het Museum voor Schone Kunsten in Gent' http://www.tento.be/sites/default/files/tijdschrift/pdf/OKV1975/Roger%20Raveel%20en%20zijn%20keuze%20uit%20het%20Museum%20voor%20Schone%20Kunsten%20in%20Gent.pdf, in Dutch art-magazine 'Openbaar Kunstbezit', Jan/Maart 1975, p. 5

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