„It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is.“

Grand jury testimony (August 17, 1998), answering questions about his attorney's description of an affidavit by Monica Lewinsky
Kontext: It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is. If the—if he—if 'is' means is and never has been, that is not—that is one thing. If it means there is none, that was a completely true statement. … Now, if someone had asked me on that day, are you having any kind of sexual relations with Ms. Lewinsky, that is, asked me a question in the present tense, I would have said no. And it would have been completely true.

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Bill Clinton Foto
Bill Clinton3
42. Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika 1946

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„We constantly use the word "simplify", but its meaning depends on what you are going to do next, and there is no uniform definition.“

—  Richard Hamming American mathematician and information theorist 1915 - 1998

The Art of Doing Science and Engineering: Learning to Learn (1991)

Stefan Zweig Foto

„The word 'service' comes from serving, and serving means being dependent.“

—  Stefan Zweig, buch Ungeduld des Herzens

Beware of Pity (1939)

Alastair Reynolds Foto

„“Is he dead?” Irravel asked.
“Depends what you mean by dead.”“

—  Alastair Reynolds, buch Galactic North

Galactic North (p. 366)
Short fiction, Galactic North (2006)

Anne Sexton Foto
Lois McMaster Bujold Foto

„Reading is an active and elusive experience. Every reader, reading exactly the same text, will have a slightly different reading experience depending on what s/he projects into the words s/he sees, what strings of meaning and association those words call up in his/her (always) private mind.“

—  Lois McMaster Bujold Science Fiction and fantasy author from the USA 1949

The Vorkosigan Companion (2008)
Kontext: Reading is an active and elusive experience. Every reader, reading exactly the same text, will have a slightly different reading experience depending on what s/he projects into the words s/he sees, what strings of meaning and association those words call up in his/her (always) private mind. One can never therefore, talk about the quality of a book separately from the quality of the mind that is creating it by reading it, in the only place books live, in the secret mind.

"'A Conversation With Lois McMaster Bujold", an interview with Lillian Stewart Carl, p. 52

G. K. Chesterton Foto

„Whatever the word "great" means, Dickens was what it means.“

—  G. K. Chesterton, Charles Dickens

Quelle: Charles Dickens (1906), Ch 1 : "The Dickens Period"

Andrea Dworkin Foto

„Do you know what humanity is, what the word "human" means? The word human“

—  Barry Long Australian spiritual teacher and writer 1926 - 2003

Love is not a feeling ~ The Interview (1995)
Kontext: Do you know what humanity is, what the word "human" means? The word human where I come from - which is the enlightened state - means suffering. So when you say you're a human being, you're saying you're a suffering being. And I say you have to get rid of your suffering and then be being. Enlightenment is the state of being which I am, this moment and every moment. So I'm not suffering. But humanity loves to suffer. People love to suffer because they love to get excited with their feelings. All you've got to do is get rid of your feelings, which are always negative. Why not get rid of the whole lot of it, now? That means you don't know feelings and then you don't know negativity, and then you'd be in love, and then you would love everybody by not loving anybody in particular as a feeling. That's the state of enlightenment.

Jonathan Safran Foer Foto

„Words never mean what we want them to mean.“

—  Jonathan Safran Foer, buch Alles ist erleuchtet

Quelle: Everything Is Illuminated (2002)

Carl Sagan Foto

„Whether we believe in God depends very much on what we mean by God.“

—  Carl Sagan, buch Broca's Brain

Quelle: Broca's Brain (1979), Chapter 23, “A Sunday Sermon” (p. 330)

Steven Crowder Foto

„As though adding the word democratic in front of a word changes what it means.“

—  Steven Crowder American actor 1987

Quelle: https://www.prageru.com/video/democratic-socialism-is-still-socialism/

„Faced with the nonsense question "What is the meaning of a word?"“

—  J. L. Austin English philosopher 1911 - 1960

and perhaps dimly recognizing it to be nonsense, we are nevertheless not inclined to give it up.

p. 58
Philosophical Papers (1979)

Cassandra Clare Foto
Paulo Coelho Foto

„There must be a language that doesn't depend on words.“

—  Paulo Coelho, buch Der Alchimist

Quelle: The Alchemist

K. Sri Dhammananda Maha Thera Foto
Jonathan Safran Foer Foto
Lucy Larcom Foto

„Eternal life and eternal death; what do these words mean?“

—  Lucy Larcom American teacher, poet, author 1824 - 1893

Journal entry (2 March 1861), Ch. 5 : The Beginning of the War.
Lucy Larcom : Life, Letters, and Diary (1895)
Kontext: Eternal life and eternal death; what do these words mean? This is the question that comes up again and again. It has recently been brought up by those whom I am appointed to instruct; and the question with its answer, brings new and fearful responsibility with every return. I am more and more convinced that the idea of duration is not the one that affects us most: for here it has proved that those who are least careful about what they are in heart and life, are trying hardest to convince themselves and others that the "doctrine of eternal punishment" is not true. By making themselves believe that to be the all-important question, they draw off their own and others' attention from the really momentous one, — "Am I living the eternal life? Is it begun in me now?"
And now I see why I have questioned whether it was right in me to express my own doubts of this very doctrine. The final renovation of all souls, their restoration to life in holiness and love, is certainly a hope of mine that is not without a strong infusion of confidence; but I dare not say it is a belief; because both reason and revelation have left it in deep mystery; and the expression of any such belief does not seem to me likely to help others much; certainly not those who are indolent or indifferent regarding the true Christian life.
Then the "loss of the soul" is in plain language spoken of by our Lord as possible. What can that mean, but the loss of life in Him? the loss of ennobling aspirations, of the love of all good, of the power of seeing and seeking truth? And if this is possible to us now, by our own choice, why not forever? — since, as free beings, our choice must always be in our own power?
The truth that we must all keep before us, in order to be growing better forever, is that life is love and holiness; death, selfishness and sin; then it is a question of life and death to be grappled with in the deep places of every soul.

Laura Antoniou Foto

„Safe, sane and consensual — what do those words really mean?
Assimilation, that's what.“

—  Laura Antoniou American novelist 1963

Quelle: "Unsafe at Any Speed or: Safe, Sane and Consensual, My Fanny", p. 12

Rick Riordan Foto

„You Keep Using the Word Help. I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means“

—  Rick Riordan, buch The Hammer of Thor

Quelle: The Hammer of Thor

William Goldman Foto

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.“

—  William Goldman, buch The Princess Bride

Quelle: The Princess Bride

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