„Writing for me is about my freedom.“

Kathy Acker: Where does she get off?
Kontext: I think writing is basically about time and rhythm. Like with jazz. You have your basic melody and then you just riff off of it. And the riffs are about timing. And about sex.
Writing for me is about my freedom. When I was a kid, my parents were like monsters to me, and the world extended from them. They were horrible. And I was this good little girl — I didn't have the guts to oppose them. They told me what to do and how to be. So the only time I could have any freedom or joy was when I was alone in my room. Writing is what I did when I was alone with no one watching me or telling me what to do. I could do whatever I wanted. So writing was really associated with body pleasure — it was the same thing. It was like the only thing I had.

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Kathy Acker
amerikanische Schriftstellerin 1947 - 1997

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„What someone says or writes about me doesn't change the way I am; it only changes my opinion about that person.“

—  Marcos Pontes Brazilian astronaut 1963

Webpage Astronauta Marcos Pontes - Entrevistas http://marcospontes.com.br/$SETOR/MCP/OPINIOES/entrevistas.html

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„My guitar is like my best friend. My guitar can get me through anything. If I can sit down and write an amazing song with my guitar about what's going on in life, then that's the greatest therapy for me.“

—  Miley Cyrus American actor and singer-songwriter 1992

Mirror.co.uk http://www.mirror.co.uk/celebs/2008/05/05/miley-cyrus-i-like-to-be-the-girl-no-guy-can-get-89520-20406057/ (May 5, 2008)

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„Sir, please do not write anything about me. I am an insignificant person. If you wish to write anything, then write about Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda. That will benefit humanity.“

—  Swami Adbhutananda Disciple

When Sharat Chandra Chakrabarty, a disciple fo Vivekananda asked Adbhutananda for permission to write his biography.
Quelle: God Lived with Them, p.395

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„They won't break me because the desire for freedom, and the freedom of the Irish people, is in my heart.“

—  Bobby Sands Irish volunteer of the Provisional Irish Republican Army 1954 - 1981

Diary entry, (17 March 1981), translated from the original Irish, in Skylark Sing your Lonely Song : An Anthology of the Writings of Bobby Sands (1991)
Other writings
Kontext: They won't break me because the desire for freedom, and the freedom of the Irish people, is in my heart. The day will dawn when all the people of Ireland will have the desire for freedom to show. It is then we'll see the rising of the moon.

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„Freedom for me is to live with dignity, and if my dignity and freedom is controlled by a man, I will never be free.“

—  Manal al-Sharif Saudi Arabian activist 1979

About male guardianship on women in Saudi Arabia. As quoted in Saudi women 'still enslaved', says activist as driving ban ends http://news.trust.org/item/20180622172634-f882k/ (22 June 2018) by Heba Kanso, '.
Kontext: Imagine your son becomes your guardian, no matter my capabilities as a woman, I am still enslaved to somebody else. Freedom for me is to live with dignity, and if my dignity and freedom is controlled by a man, I will never be free.

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„Freedom is… the right to write the wrong words.“

—  Patti Smith American singer-songwriter, poet and visual artist 1946

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„Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.“

—  Isaac Asimov American writer and professor of biochemistry at Boston University, known for his works of science fiction and popular … 1920 - 1992

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