„Nothing I counted mine, out of my life,
is mine to take…“

Requiem; 1935-1940 (1963; 1987)
Kontext: No use to fall down on my knees
and beg for mercy's sake.
Nothing I counted mine, out of my life,
is mine to take...

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Anna Andrejewna Achmatowa Foto
Anna Andrejewna Achmatowa
russische Dichterin und Schriftstellerin 1889 - 1966

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Ulysses S. Grant Foto

„You must take it; I cannot live with anything in my possession that is not mine.“

—  Ulysses S. Grant 18th President of the United States 1822 - 1885

As quoted in The New York Times http://www.granthomepage.com/intlongstreet.htm (24 July 1885).

Frances Ridley Havergal Foto

„Jesus, my life is Thine,
And ever more shall be
Hidden in Thee,
For nothing can untwine
Thy life from mine.“

—  Frances Ridley Havergal British poet and hymn-writer 1836 - 1879

Quelle: Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895), P. 610.

Tove Jansson Foto

„Maybe my passion is nothing special, but at least it's mine.“

—  Tove Jansson Finnish children's writer and illustrator 1914 - 2001

Quelle: Travelling Light

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„I will say that no one envies me. Do you believe this or not? No one envies me. [...] I live with my family and, as they say, I don't count your money, please don't count mine.“

—  Viktor Yanukovych Ukrainian politician who was the President of Ukraine 1950

Quelle: * Янукович у Москві поскаржився на бідність ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQjqkefINDM ** en ** 2022-06-12

Susan Elizabeth Phillips Foto

„If I could put my brain in her body, the world would be mine for the taking.“

—  Susan Elizabeth Phillips American writer 1948

Quelle: Match Me If You Can

Morrissey Foto

„I decree today that life is simply taking and not giving,
England is mine and it owes me a living“

—  Morrissey English singer 1959

from the song "Still Ill"
From songs

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Sherrilyn Kenyon Foto
William Shakespeare Foto

„Out of my sight! Thou dost infect mine eyes.“

—  William Shakespeare, Richard III

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Johnny Cash Foto

„I keep a close watch on this heart of mine;
I keep my eyes wide open all the time.
I keep the ends out for the tie that binds.
Because you're mine, I walk the line.“

—  Johnny Cash American singer-songwriter 1932 - 2003

I Walk the Line
Song lyrics, Johnny Cash with His Hot and Blue Guitar (1957)

Swami Vivekananda Foto

„Every step I take in light is mine forever.“

—  Swami Vivekananda Indian Hindu monk and phylosopher 1863 - 1902

Pearls of Wisdom

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„What's yours is mine and what's mine is my own.“

—  James Joyce, Ulysses

Quelle: Ulysses

Dave Eggers Foto
Ayumi Hamasaki Foto

„I thought Mommy's life was strange, not mine.“

—  Ayumi Hamasaki Japanese recording artist, lyricist, model, and actress 1978

Interview with TIME, 2002 http://web.archive.org/web/20020403141617/http://www.time.com/time/asia/features/ayumi_hamasaki/int_ayumi2.html

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Gerard Manley Hopkins Foto

„Mine, O thou lord of life, send my roots rain.“

—  Gerard Manley Hopkins English poet 1844 - 1889

"Thou art indeed just, Lord, if I contend", line 14
Wessex Poems and Other Verses (1918)

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