„White and black racists would be equally guilty of racism.“

My Race (1893)
Kontext: Ostentatious men who are governed by self-interest will combine, whether white or black, and the generous and selfless will similarly unite. True men, black and white, will treat one another with loyalty and tenderness, out of a sense of merit and the pride of everyone who honors the land in which we were born, black and white alike. Negroes, who now use the word "racist" in good faith, will stop using it when they realize it is the only apparently valid argument that weak men, who honestly believe that Negroes are inferior, use to deny them the full exercise of their rights as men. White and black racists would be equally guilty of racism.

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José Martí Foto
José Martí1
kubanischer Schriftsteller und Nationalheld 1853 - 1895

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Jair Bolsonaro Foto

„Racism is rare in Brazil. I'm fed up with this mania of always pitting blacks against whites, gays against heterosexuals. People say I'm homophobic, racist, fascist, xenophobic, but I won the election. [...] If I was racist, what would I have done on seeing a black fall into the water? I'd have folded my arms.“

—  Jair Bolsonaro Brazilian president elect 1955

In an interview to Luciana Gimenez broadcasted on 7 May 2019. Racism 'rare' in Brazil, says far right Bolsonaro https://www.france24.com/en/20190508-racism-rare-brazil-says-far-right-bolsonaro. France 24 (8 May 2019).

Malcolm X Foto

„Usually the black racist has been produced by the white racist.“

—  Malcolm X American human rights activist 1925 - 1965

"On the difference between white racism and black racism," Harvard Law School Forum. December 16, 1964, p. 195-96
Malcolm X Speaks (1965)
Kontext: Usually the black racist has been produced by the white racist. In most cases where you see it, it is the reaction to white racism, and if you analyze it closely, it's not really black racism... If we react to white racism with a violent reaction, to me that's not black racism. If you come to put a rope around my neck and I hang you for it, to me that's not racism. Yours is racism, but my reaction has nothing to do with racism...

Dinesh D'Souza Foto

„Black rage is largely a response not to white racism but to black failure.“

—  Dinesh D'Souza Indian-American political commentator, filmmaker, author 1961

Quelle: Books, The End of Racism (1995), Ch. 8

Elizabeth Martinez Foto

„Thinking about racism in terms of just black and white is a further "invisibilization."“

—  Elizabeth Martinez American community organizer, activist, author, and educator 1925

We have to recognize the commonality of experience of racism among people of color. Sometimes racism is based on skin color or other physical features; it can have added components of culture, language and legal status -- as in the case of people of Mexican descent.…
On racism in "Unite and Overcome!" https://www.tolerance.org/magazine/spring-1997/unite-and-overcome in Teaching Tolerance (Spring 1997)

James Forman Foto
Paulo Lins Foto

„Brazil is a racist country and a racist society…But the funny thing is that nobody will admit to being a racist, and that's the problem. Blacks in Brazil are always in an inferior, subaltern position, but you can't find a white person who is a racist.“

—  Paulo Lins Brazilian author 1958

On racism in Brazil in in “THE SATURDAY PROFILE; Out of the Slums of Rio, an Author Finds Fame” https://www.nytimes.com/2003/04/26/world/the-saturday-profile-out-of-the-slums-of-rio-an-author-finds-fame.html in The New York Times (2003 Apr 26)

Brooks D. Simpson Foto
Jan Smuts Foto
Mwanandeke Kindembo Foto
Patrick Buchanan Foto
Julius Malema Foto

„Chinese are like Indians. They think they're close to whiteness. When they practice racism they even become worse than whites. There are even Blacks who mimic whiteness. All of this needs to be confronted.“

—  Julius Malema South African political activist 1981

#MalemaOnTouchHD https://twitter.com/hashtag/MalemaOnTouchHD?src=hash, and retweeted on #RegisterToVoteEFF https://twitter.com/EFFSouthAfrica/status/969221090378764289 (1 March 2018)

Waleed Al-Husseini Foto

„The revolution which Black Theology advocates … [means] confronting white racists and saying: 'If it's a fight you want, I am prepared to oblige you.“

—  James H. Cone American theologian 1938 - 2018

This is what the black revolution means.
Quelle: Black Theology and Black Power (1969), p. 136

Alicia Garza Foto
Sister Souljah Foto

„Racism is a system of power and in the absence of power you cannot be considered a racist.“

—  Sister Souljah American hip hop-generation author, activist, recording artist, and film producer 1964

"We Are at War", speech at Cheyney State University (1994)

Bell Hooks Foto
Dinesh D'Souza Foto
Terry Pratchett Foto
Frank Chin Foto

„That this play is the first play by an Asian American at our existence, is proof of the great success white racism has had with us. America might love us. But America’s love is not good. It’s racist love. I don’t want it.“

—  Frank Chin American writer 1940

On his play The Chickencoop Chinaman (as quoted in the book Notable Asian Americans http://smithsonianapa.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/8/2009/10/chin-frank.pdf)

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