„The A∴A∴ must rank as the most secretive secret society in the world.“

On conspiracy theories involving the A<big><big>∴</big></big>A<big><big>∴</big></big>, and the leader, known only by the initials V.V.V.V.V., in A<big><big>∴</big></big>A<big><big>∴</big></big>, p. 21 - 22
Everything Is Under Control (1998)
Kontext: The A∴A∴ must rank as the most secretive secret society in the world. Perhaps nobody, not even the few writers who have discussed it, knows for sure when the A∴A∴ began, which group claiming to be the A∴A∴ at present is the real A∴A∴, or even what the symbols A∴A∴ stand for — although many claim to know these things of course. … Occult historians generally agree that V. V. V. V. V. signified Vi Veri Vniversum Vivus Vici ("By the force of truth I have conquered the universe"), one of the eleven magic mottoes of Aleister Crowley.

Übernommen aus Wikiquote. Letzte Aktualisierung 3. Juni 2021. Geschichte
Robert Anton Wilson Foto
Robert Anton Wilson2
US-amerikanischer Bestsellerautor, Philosoph und Anarchist 1932 - 2007

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Bob Keeshan Foto

„One of the big secrets of finding time is not to watch television.“

—  Bob Keeshan United States Marine 1927 - 2004

Reply to a question on "how he found time to star in his own show and still engage in lecturing, volunteerism, the study of French, reading, and also spend time with his family and his hobbies of photography, fishing and sailing", as quoted in "Bob Keeshan, Creator and Star of TV's 'Captain Kangaroo,' Is Dead at 76" in The New York Times (24 January 2004)

Marshall McLuhan Foto

„Only puny secrets need protection. Big secrets are protected by public incredulity.“

—  Marshall McLuhan Canadian educator, philosopher, and scholar-- a professor of English literature, a literary critic, and a communicatio… 1911 - 1980

Take Today : The Executive as Dropout (1972)
Kontext: Only puny secrets need protection. Big secrets are protected by public incredulity. You can actually dissipate a situation by giving it maximal coverage. As to alarming people, that's done by rumours, not by coverage. (p. 92)

Amy Tan Foto

„That was how dishonesty and betrayal started, not in big lies but in small secrets.“

—  Amy Tan, buch The Bonesetter's Daughter

Quelle: The Bonesetter's Daughter

Javad Alizadeh Foto

„The world starts with a Big Bang and finishes with a human-made atomic Big Bang!“

—  Javad Alizadeh cartoonist, journalist and humorist 1953

Quoted in Humor & Caricature (May 1995), p. 3

P. J. O'Rourke Foto
Rick Riordan Foto

„I had a crush on Percy," Nico spat. "That's the truth. That's the big secret.“

—  Rick Riordan, buch The House of Hades

Quelle: The House of Hades

Oprah Winfrey Foto
Ian Bremmer Foto

„Everyone's talked about Bank of America and Citigroup and the rest being too big to fail, but no, no, no. The most important point…is that the US must be perceived to be too big to fail.“

—  Ian Bremmer American political scientist 1969

"The West Should Fear the Growth of State Capitalism," http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/7883061/The-West-should-fear-the-growth-of-state-capitalism-Ian-Bremmer.html The Daily Telegraph (July 10, 2010).

Dorrit Moussaieff Foto

„Iceland is not a little country. Iceland is the most big country in the world.“

—  Dorrit Moussaieff First Lady of Iceland 1950

Said in Beijing (2008-08-22) and quoted in "Stórasta Land I Heiminu," http://www.dv.is/frettir/2008/8/22/storasta-land-i-heiminu/ DS.iv (2008-08-22). Note: "Stórasta" is more of a lapsus linguae than "most big," as to a native Icelandic speaker it would sound much worse grammatically than in English.
Original: (is) Ísland er ekki lítið land. Ísland er <u>stórasta</u> land í heimi.

Joel Spolsky Foto

„The secret of Big Macs is that they're not very good, but every one is not very good in exactly the same way.“

—  Joel Spolsky American blogger 1965

"Big Macs vs. The Naked Chef" http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/fog0000000024.html

Roald Dahl Foto

„It is most unlikely. But--here comes the big "but"--not impossible.“

—  Roald Dahl, buch The Witches

Quelle: The Witches

Ali Larijani Foto

„It seems that in the world of politics, lying is not such a big deal.“

—  Ali Larijani Iranian philosopher, politician 1958

If the European Countries Impose Sanctions, They Will Be More Harmed than Us; If You Toy with Our National Pride, You Will Face a Firm Response http://www.memritv.org/clip_transcript/en/1029.htm Feb. 2006.
Lying in politics

Jean-Luc Godard Foto

„The world isn't a sad place, it's just big.“

—  Jean-Luc Godard French-Swiss film director, screenwriter and film critic 1930

Kim Stanley Robinson Foto

„A sudden gust: How big the world seems in a wind.“

—  Kim Stanley Robinson, buch The Years of Rice and Salt

Book 1: "Awake to Emptiness", Ch. 1
The Years of Rice and Salt (2002)

Douglas Adams Foto

„We'll be saying a big hello to all intelligent lifeforms everywhere and to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys.“

—  Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy pentalogy

Variante: and we’ll be saying a big hello to all intelligent life forms everywhere … and to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys.
Quelle: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Pete Seeger Foto
R. Scott Bakker Foto

„The world is a big place and our brain is only three pounds.“

—  R. Scott Bakker Canadian writer 1967

"A Conversation with R. Scott Bakker, Part I" http://www.wotmania.com/fantasymessageboardshowmessage.asp?MessageID=141281, wotmania.com, 2005-11-01 (accessed 2006-04-14)

Bob Dylan Foto

„All the truth in the world adds up to one big lie“

—  Bob Dylan American singer-songwriter, musician, author, and artist 1941

Song lyrics, The Essential Bob Dylan (2000), Things Have Changed (recorded 1999)

Lois Lowry Foto
Bernie Sanders Foto

„No single financial institution should have holdings so extensive that its failure could send the world economy into another financial crisis … If an institution is too big to fail, it is too big to exist.“

—  Bernie Sanders American politician, senator for Vermont 1941

[Huntley, Steve, Steve Huntley: Sanders the socialist sure gets it right on big banks, http://chicago.suntimes.com/politics/7/71/569095/sanders-socialist-sure-gets-right-big-banks, 1 May 2015, Chicago Sun-Times, 2 May 2015]
2010s, 2015

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