„History is not made only by kings and parliaments, presidents, wars, and generals. It is the story of people, of their love, honor, faith, hope and suffering; of birth and death, of hunger, thirst and cold, of loneliness and sorrow.“

Sackett's Land (1974)
Kontext: We are all of us, it has been said, the children of immigrants and foreigners — even the American Indian, although he arrived here a little earlier. What a man is and what he becomes is in part due to his heritage, and the men and women who came west did not emerge suddenly from limbo. Behind them were ancestors, families, and former lives. Yet even as the domestic cattle of Europe evolved into the wild longhorns of Texas, so the American pioneer had the characteristics of a distinctive type.
Physically and psychologically, the pioneers' need for change had begun in the old countries with their decision to migrate. In most cases their decisions were personal, ordered by no one else. Even when migration was ordered or forced, the people who survived were characterized by physical strength, the capacity to endure, and not uncommonly, a rebellious nature.
History is not made only by kings and parliaments, presidents, wars, and generals. It is the story of people, of their love, honor, faith, hope and suffering; of birth and death, of hunger, thirst and cold, of loneliness and sorrow. In writing my stories I have found myself looking back again and again to origins, to find and clearly see the ancestors of the pioneers.

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Louis L'Amour Foto
Louis L'Amour1
amerikanischer Schriftsteller 1908 - 1988

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Miguel de Cervantes Foto

„Journey over all the universe in a map, without the expense and fatigue of traveling, without suffering the inconveniences of heat, cold, hunger, and thirst.“

—  Miguel de Cervantes Spanish novelist, poet, and playwright 1547 - 1616

Quelle: Don Quixote de la Mancha (1605–1615), Part II (1615), Book III, Ch. 6.

Thomas Jefferson Foto
Megan Marie Hart Foto

„Jewish history is full of suffering and terrible sorrow. But it is also full of immeasurable joy. We honor the suffering through remembrance. We honor the joy through celebration.“

—  Megan Marie Hart American opera singer 1983

From "Persönliche Notiz", in the recital program for the opening event of festival year "100 days, 1700 years – Jewish life in Darmstadt". https://www.darmstadt-tourismus.de/en/visit/events/events/artikel/detail/juedisches-leben-in-darmstadt-festjahr-100-tage-1700-jahre.html Liedgut – Famous Musicians of Jewish Origin (2021), p. 2 http://web.archive.org/web/20210902070031/https://staatstheater-darmstadt.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/produktion/programmbuch/994?response-content-disposition=inline%3B%20filename%3D%22210831_PH_Liedgut_web.pdf%22&response-cache-control=public&X-Amz-Content-Sha256=UNSIGNED-PAYLOAD&X-Amz-Algorithm=AWS4-HMAC-SHA256&X-Amz-Credential=AKIAUCI3T77LT4YWGJ7O%2F20210902%2Feu-central-1%2Fs3%2Faws4_request&X-Amz-Date=20210902T070031Z&X-Amz-SignedHeaders=host&X-Amz-Expires=600&X-Amz-Signature=d36591acd16fc78b29808a50bfaf03d75dc5d97aaab1945548d8ad24040d4a9d.
Original: (de) Jüdische Geschichte ist voll von Leiden und schrecklichem Kummer. Aber sie ist auch voll von unermesslicher Freude. Wir ehren das Leiden durch Erinnern. Wir ehren die Freude durch Feiern.

R. Scott Bakker Foto

„Love is lust made meaningful. Hope is hunger made human.“

—  R. Scott Bakker, buch The Warrior Prophet

Ajencis, The Third Analytic of Men
Quelle: The Warrior Prophet (2005)

Wilfred Thesiger Foto
William Saroyan Foto

„The loneliness does not come from the War. The War did not make it. It was the loneliness that made the War.“

—  William Saroyan, buch The Human Comedy

The Human Comedy (1943)
Kontext: Everything is changed — for you. But it is still the same, too. The loneliness you feel has come to you because you are no longer a child. But the whole world has always been full of that loneliness. The loneliness does not come from the War. The War did not make it. It was the loneliness that made the War.

Giorgio Vasari Foto
Carolina de Robertis Foto

„Writing can be a way of honoring those who’ve suffered real traumas and often surmounted them. And when a story has not yet been fully reflected in formal histories, the telling has a purpose, or so we hope…“

—  Carolina de Robertis American writer 1975

On writing and history in “Interviews: Carolina de Robertis” https://bookpage.com/interviews/24365-carolina-de-robertis-fiction#.Xebr8_lKjcs in BookPage (2019 Sep 3)

Adrienne von Speyr Foto

„Suffering without faith would be like love without hope.“

—  Adrienne von Speyr Swiss doctor and mystic 1902 - 1967

Quelle: Lumina and New Lumina (1969), p. 45

Alastair Reynolds Foto

„Imagine a permanent, shivering gloom, and never a moment without hunger, thirst and exhaustion. Imagine the constant fear of suffering illness or injury.“

—  Alastair Reynolds British novelist and astronomer 1966

“You’ve just described nine-tenths of human history.”
Open and Shut (p. 265)
Short fiction, Belladonna Nights and Other Stories (2021)

Robert Graves Foto

„Fear in your heart cries to the loving-cup:
Sorrow to sorrow as the sparks fly upward.
The log groans and confesses
There is one story and one story only.“

—  Robert Graves English poet and novelist 1895 - 1985

"To Juan at the Winter Solstice" from Poems 1938-1945 (1946).

Kóbó Abe Foto

„Loneliness was an unsatisfied thirst for illusion.“

—  Kóbó Abe, buch The Woman in the Dunes

Quelle: The Woman in the Dunes

Leo Tolstoy Foto
James M. McPherson Foto

„Lincoln was the only president in American history whose administration was bounded by war.“

—  James M. McPherson American historian 1936

James M. McPherson. Tried by War: Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief (2008) p. xiii

Friedrich Dürrenmatt Foto

„The only remedy against hunger is reasonable birth control.“

—  Friedrich Dürrenmatt Swiss author and dramatist 1921 - 1990

Portrait of a Planet (1971)

Stendhal Foto

„There is no such thing as "natural law": this expression is nothing but old nonsense… Prior to laws, what is natural is only the strength of the lion, or the need of the creature suffering from hunger or cold, in short, need.“

—  Stendhal, buch Rot und Schwarz

Il n’y a point de droit naturel: ce mot n'est qu’une antique niaiserie... Avant la loi il n’y a de naturel que la force du lion, ou le besoin de l’être qui a faim, qui a froid, le besoin en un mot.
Vol. II, ch. XLIV
Variant translation: There is no such thing as natural law, the expression is nothing more than a silly anachronism … There is no such thing as right, except when there is a law to forbid a certain thing under pain of punishment. Before law existed, the only natural thing was the strength of the lion, or the need of a creature who was cold or hungry, to put it in one word, need.
As translated by Horace B. Samuel (1916)
Le Rouge et le Noir (The Red and the Black) (1830)

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