„It's as if they avoid melodies, for fear of having perhaps stolen them from someone else.“

21 June 1880
Cosima Wagner's Diaries (1978)
Kontext: Music has taken a bad turn; these young people have no idea how to write a melody, they just give us shavings, which they dress up to look like a lion's mane and shake at us... It's as if they avoid melodies, for fear of having perhaps stolen them from someone else.

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Richard Wagner Foto
Richard Wagner19
deutscher Komponist, Dramatiker, Philosoph, Dichter, Schrif… 1813 - 1883

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Amy Tan Foto

„You see what power is – holding someone else's fear in your hand and showing it to them.“

—  Amy Tan, The Kitchen God's Wife

Quelle: The Kitchen God's Wife (1991), p. 387

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„If someone stinks, view it as a reason to help them, not a reason to avoid them.“

—  Larry Wall American computer programmer and author, creator of Perl 1954

[199702111730.JAA28598@wall.org, 1997]
Usenet postings, 1997

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„The government that's strong enough to give you what you want by taking it from someone else is strong enough to take everything you have and give it to someone else.“

—  Harry Browne American politician and writer 1933 - 2006

Part One, chapter 5, page 27
Why Government Doesn't Work (1995)

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„You have a choice: pursue your dreams or be hired by someone else to help them fulfill their dreams.“

—  Jay Samit American businessman 1961

Quelle: Disrupt You! (2015), p. 7

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„Cease to know or to tell
Or to see or to be your own
Have someone else's will as your own
Have someone else's will as your own.“

—  Nico German musician, model and actress, one of Warhol's superstars 1938 - 1988


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„Maybe everyone is just waiting for someone else to save them.“

—  Margaret Peterson Haddix, Among the Brave

Quelle: Among the Brave

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„Whatever you want, at any moment, someone else is getting it. Whatever you have, someone else is longing for.“

—  Laura Lippman Detective fiction writer 1959

Quelle: The Most Dangerous Thing

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„It's terrible to have to depend on someone else.“

—  Jeff Lindsay, buch Dearly Devoted Dexter

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„Though surely to avoid attachments for fear of loss is to avoid life.“

—  Lionel Shriver, buch We Need to Talk About Kevin

Quelle: We Need to Talk About Kevin

Werner Heisenberg Foto

„An expert is someone who knows some of the worst mistakes that can be made in his subject, and how to avoid them.“

—  Werner Heisenberg, buch Der Teil und das Ganze

Ein Fachmann ist ein Mann, der einige der gröbsten Fehler kennt, die man in dem betreffenden Fach machen kann, und der sie deshalb zu vermeiden versteht.
Der Teil und das Ganze. Gespräche im Umkreis der Atomphysik (1969); also in "Kein Chaos, aus dem nicht wieder Ordnung würde", Die Zeit No. 34 (22 August 1969); as translated in Physics and Beyond : Encounters and Conversation (1971)

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„Minor surgery is surgery that someone else is having“

—  Fred Thompson American politician and actor 1942 - 2015

Teaching the Pig to Dance

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