„I think these Western phenomena derive from capitalist society. They’re movements denoting rejection of a society that has to be torn down. Whether they are called the Red Brigades or the hippies or the Beatles or the Children of God. And even though I’m against kidnappings and hijackings, I don’t want to interfere with what they’re doing.“

Interview with Oriana Fallaci (2 December 1979), Corriere della Sera

Übernommen aus Wikiquote. Letzte Aktualisierung 3. Juni 2021. Geschichte
Muammar al-Gaddafi Foto
Muammar al-Gaddafi4
ehemaliges Staatsoberhaupt von Libyen 1942 - 2011

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„The national Log Cabin Republicans are ridiculous. They’re not conservative at all. I don’t even think they’re gay — they’re bi (partisan). GOProud is comprised of real conservatives who happen to be gay.“

—  Ann Coulter author, political commentator 1961

Same with the Texas LCRs, for whom I’ve been signing books for years.
Dear Mainstream Media Reporter Who Wasted My Time (February 2, 2011) http://www.humanevents.com/2011/02/09/dear-mainstream-media-reporter-who-wasted-my-time/.

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„I don’t mean to be desperate or pretend that I’m not torn
But I don’t want to let go of the things that keep me warm“

—  James Blunt English singer-songwriter 1974

"Cold", written by James Blunt, Cleo Tighe, Steve Robson
Song lyrics, Once Upon a Mind (2019)

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Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Foto

„My theory is that we are all idiots. The people who don’t think they’re idiots — they’re the ones that are dangerous.“

—  Eric Sykes English actor and director 1923 - 2012

Quoted in The Daily Telegraph, 4 Jul 2012 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/culture-obituaries/tv-radio-obituaries/9375396/Eric-Sykes.html

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„That’s what I think they’re doing, eating themselves alive. They murder in the name of God and blindly destroy the very ecosystem that sustains them.“

—  Arthur C. Clarke, buch Richter 10

“People are people.” Bert shrugged.
“What you’re really saying is that people are animals,” Crane replied. “And I say to you, it doesn’t have to be that way. We can make a civilization, a real civilization, built on real understanding of ourselves and our universe.”
Quelle: 1990s, Richter 10 (1996), Chapter 20, “Shimani-Gashi” (p. 362)

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